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Big Blank Checks For All Types of Events

Big blank checks make a statement. Whether you’re awarding your top-grossing salesperson or making a donation to a worthy cause,’s big blank checks help create excitement and significance. We can produce big blank checks in any custom size you need, ranging from 18x36 big blank checks for one recipient to 30x72 big blank checks for a whole group. The most-popular size for big blank checks is 24x48, which can be held by 1-2 people. makes presentations easy with our wide variety of fully-customizable blank checks templates.

Blank Checks Templates With Free Personalization

Blank checks templates from can be customized to fit your presentation or ceremony. We offer a variety of giant blank checks templates for every occasion, from professional business events to fun birthdays and graduation ceremonies. All of our huge blank checks templates are printed in full color, so get creative when creating your design. Simply select your favorite large blank checks templates and customize the design with your recipient’s name, amount, presentation date, etc. It’s free to personalize our oversized blank checks templates, so upload your sponsor’s logo so that everyone knows who is making the donation or presenting the award. Regardless of what type of blank checks templates you need, is your source for fake blank checks.

Fake Blank Checks: High-Quality Materials, Affordable Prices

Fake blank checks are printed on whatever material you choose. We offer fake blank checks for all budgets and all purposes. Eco Board is our most-affordable material for fake blank checks; it is similar to Corrugated Plastic and is a great choice for small presentations or personal events. For a more-professional look, order fake blank checks on our 3mm or 6mm PVC. These substrates have a flat, smooth surface that works great with the Dry Erase option (for reusable fake blank checks). Snap Board is a flexible material that can be rolled up for transport and more-affordable shipping—choose this material when you need fake blank checks in an extra-large size. As you can see, is the industry expert in fake blank checks.

Big blank checks are printed quickly. Simply select your favorite design from our blank checks templates, customize it, and place your order. It’s that easy, so order fake blank checks today!

Big Blank Checks
SIZE (H x W):
18 in. x 36 in.
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