Top 5 Legal Concerns for Political Signs

16 Sep
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Although ordering political signs is a quick-and-easy process, it is important that you do some research ahead of time to make sure displaying your signs is legal in your area. Political signs regulations vary by state and community, so it’s always best to check with the authorities rather than waste money ordering signs you can’t use. Here are the most-important things to determine beforehand.

  1. Placement—The biggest concern is whether or not you’re even allowed to display political signs which promote your campaign or a candidate whom you support. As a business owner, check with your property management. As a personal supporter, check with your homeowner’s or neighborhood association. As a candidate, check with city officials to learn which areas allow signage. Rules are especially strict around polling locations, so make sure to clarify this ahead—of-time to avoid a fine, citation, or removal of your signs.
  2. Size—Many homeowner’s associations and city officials, if they allow campaign signs in the first place, limit the size of signs that can be displayed. This helps eliminate a cluttered look and ensures that the signs are readable but not overpowering. It’s another great question to ask, and look for a sign company that can accommodate custom sizes just in case.
  3. Duration—Some states require that signs be removed the day after the election has ended, whereas others allow 7-10 days. In case you’d like to reuse your signs, make sure you’re prepared to remove them so that they are not disposed of by the city or state.
  4. Disclaimer—Many campaigns order political yard signs using funds from campaign contributions. In these cases, it’s usually-necessary that you disclose who paid for (or at least contributed to the purchase of) the signs. Full-disclosure is always the safest choice.
  5. Safety—It’s important that your signs are noticeable but not distracting to passing motorists. Don’t place your signs in locations that could cause a safety issue, whether it’s a political sign that blocks an important street sign or lane marker, or even a sign in the median of a road which could be dangerous to install or remove.

It’s always best to be proactive and address these concerns before installing your signs. Here is an example of a state’s rules for campaign signs (in this case, Texas).

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