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Samantha has been with Signazon since June of 2009 and handles all social media for Samantha is from Jackson, MS originally, but has since relocated to the Dallas area.

Take It Easy! EZ Stick Vinyl Makes Its Debut

24 Jul
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Drum-roll, please! Earlier this year, we introduced a new material to our Magic Reusable Decals product line… EZ Stick Vinyl. Similar to its cousin, EZ Stick Fabric, EZ Stick Vinyl has a special, low-tack adhesive (adhesive-phobes rejoice!), making it easy to remove, re-position, and reuse!

Frozen Yogurt Sign Example

Decals made from EZ Stick Vinyl are perfect for business owners who have short-term recurring promotions. For example, if you have a frozen yogurt shop and every few months you run a “buy one, get one free” promotion, just order a EZ Stick Vinyl decal! Put up the decal on your window at the start of the promotion. Once it’s over, just pull the decal off and store it on its paper backing. (Care instructions can be found here.) The decal will be ready to go the next time you need it!

You don’t need to be afraid of Mother Nature with EZ Stick Vinyl. EZ Stick Vinyl is unique in that it is weatherproof and UV-resistant, perfect for the outdoors. Apply them on the outside of windows, cars, or really any flat, non-porous surface – there’s no need to worry about the decal getting damaged by rain or wind. Continue Reading

Templates in Disguise: 4th of July Edition

22 Jun
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Here at we love coming up with templates for our customers. We also love seeing how our customers transform our templates into something different. It doesn’t take much tweaking to customize a template to fit your needs.

Today I’ve put together a tutorial on how you can transform one of our 4th of July templates into a 4th of July promotional design that would look great on a banner. Enjoy!

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We Like Big Banners and We Cannot Lie

15 Jun
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Here at we’ve got some big printers, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen some BIG orders. This latest order is one of the biggest banners we’ve ever printed.

City Hall Presents
photo courtesy of Josh Dubin

 Ten feet tall and stretching twenty-seven feet across (that’s 270 square feet of banner!), this vinyl banner was printed for the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy in Philadelphia‘s City Hall Presents series.

City Hall Presents invites the city’s residents and visitors to experience Philadelphia’s performing arts. To celebrate summer, City Hall Presents is holding the series outside in the City Hall Courtyard, with a free performance every Wednesday evening. The first concert was held on June 6th, and featured three percussion ensembles after a few opening remarks from Mayor Michael Nutter. The performance schedule can be found on their website, and it looks like there’s going to be a lot of cool talent on the stage, so if you’re in Philly, go check it out!

Watch to the June 6th performances in the following videos:


Oh hey, by the way! In case you haven’t visited our Facebook lately, we’re giving away a $100 store credit to one lucky fan. Get over there and enter today!

Sign-Sighting: Football Stars Bowl for Charity

15 May
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On May 6th, New England Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington and teammates Devin McCourty and Kyle Love helped raise money for the nonprofit Crossroads Rhode Island.

Kyle Arrington Poses with Kids
Courtesy of Mike Rodak

The event was organized by a group of Providence College students as part of a management class. The students were assigned a project of organizing and hosting a charitable event. Mike Rodak, a student in the class who also works for covering the Patriots, had the smart idea of contacting the Patriots for help.

Kyle Arrington autographs
Courtesy of Mike Rodak

Arrington, who led the NFL in interceptions during the 2011 season, was more than happy to lend a hand. Arrington and his teammates signed autographs and bowled for the charity, making for a fun-filled afternoon! Check out this video that ABC6 in Providence put together:

Crossroads Rhode Island provides assistance to the homeless in Rhode Island. As part of our nonprofit program, we provided a backdrop for the event – can you spot our logo in the photos? We want to commend the efforts of Rodak and his classmates to bring attention to such a great cause! And our Boston office wants to say, “Go Patriots!”

To learn more about Crossroads Rhode Island, visit

Signs of Change: Demolition in Dallas Makes Way for Amphitheater

24 Apr
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Demolition crowd
Courtesy of Unvisited Dallas

On Sunday, April 22nd, in Dallas, a crowd cheered, a live band played, and a bulldozer got to work. Demolition of 1900 Young Street (also known as the Columbia Pictures Building) began, marking a step forward restoring and reviving neighboring 508 Park Avenue.

1900 Young StreetCourtesy of Unvisited Dallas

In the 1950s, the squat building was used as a storage facility for flammable films belonging to Columbia Pictures. But time and decay wore 1900 Young Street down, and for many years, the building was abandoned.

1900 Young Street demo
Courtesy of Unvisited Dallas

Thanks to the First Presbyterian Church and historian Alan Govenar, 1900 Young Street is being transformed into an outdoor amphitheater. A limestone corner was removed from the building prior to demolition and will be used as a part of the amphitheater – a little old with the new.

1900 Young Street demo 2
Courtesy of Unvisited Dallas

Next door, historic 508 Park Avenue is being renovated into the Museum of Street Culture. 508 Park Avenue is famous for being the Warner Bros. Pictures storage facility and the Brunswick Records office where many musicians, including Robert Johnson and Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys recorded.

Demolition bannersCourtesy of DFWcre8tive

What does all this have to do with Well, besides from the fact we love our city and its history as well as a good demolition, we provided some banners for the big event as a part of our Nonprofit Program!

For more information about the 508 Park Avenue project, visit

Product Do-Si-DO: Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Celebrate with Decals

19 Apr
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Here’s a great way to use our vinyl decals!  These decals were designed for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles’s 2012 Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

Girl Scouts Vase

The decal was printed on Vinyl Decal Film, with an Exact Die-Cut to get the custom flower shape. Once GSGLA received them, the decals were placed on clear glass vases, creating an elegant and whimsical centerpiece for each table. I love how the “Girl Scout” green pops against the vase and white flowers. The “100” in the center represents the 100th anniversary of the national Girl Scout organization which was founded back in 1912 (by the way, Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!).

The event was held on Saturday, April 14th, and boy, did the attendees have a grand time. They laughed. They cried. They admired the centerpieces. Okay, so I doubt the attendees were crying at the ceremony (unless some happy tears were shed), but I’m sure these vases received many appreciative glances.

Hope you liked the custom decals, GSGLA! Does this mean we now get free supply of Girl Scout cookies? I could really use a Samoa right now! Just kidding.

Learn more about the event in our latest Press Release or visit

Signazon Designer Tutorial: Rotation

12 Apr
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Rotation tutorial final image

This week at, I am happy to announce that rotation is now available in our online design tool! We’re constantly improving and adding to our designer- we want to make it so that you can customize our templates to your heart’s desire. With the rotation function, you can easily rotate an image or a text box up to 360⁰ for an eye-catching design.

Here’s a great example: With graduation coming up soon, graduation banners are some of our best sellers this time of year. This template is one of our most popular designs. With the star burst in the background, it’s already a pretty exciting template. But now that rotation is available, you kick this template up a notch or two with simple tweaks.

Rotation tutorial image 1

To rotate the graduation hat, you first need to select the image. I want to rotate it to the left. Notice the top left control point of the image’s box looks different from the others. This is the rotation handle.

Rotation Tutorial image 2

Now, all you need to do is to hold the rotation handle down and rotate the image with your mouse.

Rotation Tutorial image 3

It’s as easy as that! The process is the same for text boxes. Select the text box, hold down the top left control point, and rotate!

Rotation Tutorial image 4

I rotated the “2012!” text box to the right to make it stand out from the rest of the words.

Rotation Tutorial image 5

You can rotate anything using this tool as little and as much as you want. I’ll admit it’s pretty fun just spinning objects around in the designer.

Rotation Tutorial image 6

To finish, I rotated the “Congratulations” to the left in order to balance the design. Adding some oomph to this design is as easy as pie.

Rotation can give your design an entirely different vibe. By rotating the graduation cap and the text boxes, I was able to better convey a sense of excitement in the design, making it great for a fun event like graduation.

Our new rotation tool has many different possibilities. You can make text dramatic and turn heads (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), or you can do something as simple as flipping the direction of an arrow. Happy rotating!

Mo’ Than Just Lip Service: Clients Raise Over $9,000 For Movember

22 Dec
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At, we love to see the unique ways that our clients use our products. Here is, without a doubt, one of the most-creative and fun uses for clear window clings that we’ve seen.

We recently had the opportunity to work with The Brand Union, a sister company of Ogilvy & Mather, the famous advertising agency that represents such legendary clients as American Express, Kraft, Mattel and Nestle. The Brand Union was preparing to a launch a joint campaign with Ogilvy to encourage employees to participate in Movember. For those that aren’t familiar with the Movember Organization, it’s a non-profit that encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November, which is renamed “Movember” to raise awareness and also funds for men’s health, specifically cancer research.

Moustache-Shaped Window Clings

To kick-off The Brand Union and Ogilvy & Mather’s “Mo’Down,” the companies ordered 1000 clear window decals shaped like moustaches to use throughout their New York and global offices.

Applying a Moustache Window ClingWindow Clings on Mirror

The moustache clings were placed on bathroom mirrors, glass doors and windows all over the offices, so that employees, both male and female, could try on their favorite ‘stache. These clings were a huge hit at the office, and, from the looks of these pictures, they were very popular with The Brand Union and Ogilvy & Mather as well—altogether 78 employees participated and $9,270 was raised by Team Ogilvy/The Brand Union for the Movember Organization! Way to go, guys (and girls)!

Custom Clear DecalsClear Window SignsMoustache Window ClingsClear Moustache Decals

Find out more about this fun use of our products in our Movember Press Release. To learn more about Movember, visit Wants To Know Your “Black Friday Advantage”

07 Nov
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Black Friday SignsAttention, small business owners! With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season right around the corner, it’s important that you begin to prepare your holiday sales strategy. One of the most-important parts of preparing for Black Friday is determining your advertising. is here to help! Right now on the Facebook page, we are offering you a chance to win up to $750 in FREE signage for your business to use on Black Friday. This package includes free banners, yard signs, window clings, posters, and even a Design Consultation from us to ensure your signs make an impact!

Why Black Friday signs, you ask? Customers have a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time, so it’s important that you use signs to show what your business has to offer. At, we call this your Black Friday Advantage—what you have over the competition that makes you unique. Upon entering the contest, you’ll have a chance to tell us your Black Friday Advantage. In addition, your family, friends, employees, and customers can all vote for you via the Facebook page. The competition ends November 16th, so ENTER today! Sponsors Charity Event For Ian Somerhalder Foundation

02 Nov
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If you’ve visited the Facebook page lately, you’ve noticed that things looked a bit macabre. We recently-partnered with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation as a sponsor for their first fundraiser event, a Halloween costume party entitled Empoweresque! Ian Somerhalder is the star of the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and also appeared on “Lost.” The purpose of Ian’s charity is to educate women and youth about the importance of standing up as a leader for change. The IS Foundation seeks to protect the environment, increase energy conservation and reduce animal cruelty.

Step and Repeat

In addition to producing the step and repeat backdrop for this high-profile event, we were able to award 10 Platinum-level tickets to 5 of our Facebook fans! Each winner received a ticket for themselves and a guest, which included an intimate Q&A with Ian, a personalized autographed picture, an open vodka bar, and “mystery gifts.” Winners included Shahina Butler, Tamarin Gullett-Tyrrell, Morgan Jenkins, Stacy Geiger and Renee Carter. Congratulations, ladies!

Step and Repeat BackdropIan Somerhalder

Check out some of the great pictures from Empoweresque. Celebrity guests included many of Ian’s “Vampire Diaries” cast members, including Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan.

Joseph Morgan and Nina DobrevCourtesy of CW69tv

The Vampire Diaries Cast

Read more about this exciting event in our Empoweresque press release. To learn more about the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, go to