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01 Jul
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Vinyl banners are a fun, unique and affordable way to advertise, show support of a cause, or celebrate a special occasion. Many websites are available that allow you to customize banner templates, making the process quick and easy. Even if you’re just ordering a banner for fun (as opposed to an advertising banner), it’s important to consider the actual banner design to ensure that your message comes across as intended. By following these tips and instructions, you will receive a custom banner that is not only beautiful but also effective.

Step 1. Pick your size—Vinyl banners come in a wide variety of sizes, and custom banners can be ordered in any custom size you choose. Before designing your banner, measure the area where you will be installing it to get an idea of how big it should be. Common sizes are 2’x4’, 3’x6’ and 4’x8’. Smaller banners are appropriate for personal events (like birthday parties), but advertising banners should be 3’x6’ or larger for maximum visibility.

Step 2. Brainstorm your message—You probably already have an idea of what you would like your banner to say, but some editing may be necessary. Your banner’s message should be clear and focused, so that even those who view it briefly can understand its purpose.

Step 3. Create your design—Use high-color contrast between the background and the text, so your message stands out. Don’t overcrowd the banner with text and images. Keep your font choices simple and easy-to-read. Logos, photographs and images should be high-resolution files so that when enlarged to the print size, they won’t be pixelated or blurry.

Step 4. Place your order—With your size, message and design prepared, you should be ready to place your order. Select any finishing options necessary for your intended installation. Make sure to order with enough time for your banner to be printed (and shipped if ordered online). Most banner printing companies offer rush production and expedited shipping options, so select those if necessary to get your banner on time.

Step 5. Install your banner—When your banner arrives, it will most likely be rolled, so allow it to flatten for a few hours. For larger banners, use at least two people to install the banner. Use a strong rope, twine or zip ties if installing a banner with grommets.

Hopefully this step-by-step process has made the custom banner ordering process seem much easier. Your local sign shop or online sign company are always willing to help, so if you have questions ask the professionals!

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