Business Card Inspiration: 7 Cool Designs From Around the Web

26 Feb
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In today’s world, it’s important to stand out from the crowd, and what better way to distinguish yourself than some creative business cards? Here are some of our favorite business card designs, taken from around the web, to give you a few ideas for your next set of business cards:

1) Bentply

Chair Business CardSource:

We love how this business card transforms into a chair. Bentply, a UK company, is known for their curvy designs. Clever!

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4 Festive Storefronts for Holiday Inspiration

29 Nov
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… There’s holiday music playing on the radio, gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, and spiced cider heating up on the stove. Everyone’s got their own way of getting excited for the holidays. At, we love looking at pictures of festive window displays to get ourselves in the spirit of Christmas. Here are a few of our favorite window displays that you can use as inspiration for your business or home. Enjoy!

We love these homemade pinwheels from Colorbok. What a fun and easy way to add a little bit of Christmas cheer to your home or business. We bet these pinwheels would look especially lovely hanging in the windows of a small boutique or cafe.

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Signspiration: Clever Bus Graphics

29 Aug
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Here at we appreciate a clever advertising campaign, especially when signs are involved. Vehicle wraps are perfect for eye-catching advertisements, and buses, in particular, make great canvases for fun campaigns. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite bus wraps from around the web. Check them out!

Dog Food Advertisement

Image from

Tiernitos’s advertisement for dog treats: The shadowing underneath the poor man makes the graphic realistic, sure to make people do a double-take when passing the bus. Continue Reading

Templates in Disguise: 4th of July Edition

22 Jun
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Here at we love coming up with templates for our customers. We also love seeing how our customers transform our templates into something different. It doesn’t take much tweaking to customize a template to fit your needs.

Today I’ve put together a tutorial on how you can transform one of our 4th of July templates into a 4th of July promotional design that would look great on a banner. Enjoy!

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Product Do-Si-DO: Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Celebrate with Decals

19 Apr
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Here’s a great way to use our vinyl decals!  These decals were designed for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles’s 2012 Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

Girl Scouts Vase

The decal was printed on Vinyl Decal Film, with an Exact Die-Cut to get the custom flower shape. Once GSGLA received them, the decals were placed on clear glass vases, creating an elegant and whimsical centerpiece for each table. I love how the “Girl Scout” green pops against the vase and white flowers. The “100” in the center represents the 100th anniversary of the national Girl Scout organization which was founded back in 1912 (by the way, Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!).

The event was held on Saturday, April 14th, and boy, did the attendees have a grand time. They laughed. They cried. They admired the centerpieces. Okay, so I doubt the attendees were crying at the ceremony (unless some happy tears were shed), but I’m sure these vases received many appreciative glances.

Hope you liked the custom decals, GSGLA! Does this mean we now get free supply of Girl Scout cookies? I could really use a Samoa right now! Just kidding.

Learn more about the event in our latest Press Release or visit

Mo’ Than Just Lip Service: Clients Raise Over $9,000 For Movember

22 Dec
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At, we love to see the unique ways that our clients use our products. Here is, without a doubt, one of the most-creative and fun uses for clear window clings that we’ve seen.

We recently had the opportunity to work with The Brand Union, a sister company of Ogilvy & Mather, the famous advertising agency that represents such legendary clients as American Express, Kraft, Mattel and Nestle. The Brand Union was preparing to a launch a joint campaign with Ogilvy to encourage employees to participate in Movember. For those that aren’t familiar with the Movember Organization, it’s a non-profit that encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November, which is renamed “Movember” to raise awareness and also funds for men’s health, specifically cancer research.

Moustache-Shaped Window Clings

To kick-off The Brand Union and Ogilvy & Mather’s “Mo’Down,” the companies ordered 1000 clear window decals shaped like moustaches to use throughout their New York and global offices.

Applying a Moustache Window ClingWindow Clings on Mirror

The moustache clings were placed on bathroom mirrors, glass doors and windows all over the offices, so that employees, both male and female, could try on their favorite ‘stache. These clings were a huge hit at the office, and, from the looks of these pictures, they were very popular with The Brand Union and Ogilvy & Mather as well—altogether 78 employees participated and $9,270 was raised by Team Ogilvy/The Brand Union for the Movember Organization! Way to go, guys (and girls)!

Custom Clear DecalsClear Window SignsMoustache Window ClingsClear Moustache Decals

Find out more about this fun use of our products in our Movember Press Release. To learn more about Movember, visit Wants To Know Your “Black Friday Advantage”

07 Nov
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Black Friday SignsAttention, small business owners! With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season right around the corner, it’s important that you begin to prepare your holiday sales strategy. One of the most-important parts of preparing for Black Friday is determining your advertising. is here to help! Right now on the Facebook page, we are offering you a chance to win up to $750 in FREE signage for your business to use on Black Friday. This package includes free banners, yard signs, window clings, posters, and even a Design Consultation from us to ensure your signs make an impact!

Why Black Friday signs, you ask? Customers have a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time, so it’s important that you use signs to show what your business has to offer. At, we call this your Black Friday Advantage—what you have over the competition that makes you unique. Upon entering the contest, you’ll have a chance to tell us your Black Friday Advantage. In addition, your family, friends, employees, and customers can all vote for you via the Facebook page. The competition ends November 16th, so ENTER today!

Solar Car Project Powered By’s Car Decals

13 Oct
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Recently had the opportunity to work with a group of college students from the University of California Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team, called CalSol. These talented students create solar-powered vehicles to raise awareness about renewable energy.

Car DecalsCourtesy of Flickr

To be able to build their $150,000 vehicle, CalSol needed financial assistance from sponsors. One of the best ways to feature these sponsors would be through the use of car decals placed on the body of the vehicle. Enter, who was happy to assist with the production of die-cut decals of each of the sponsor’s logos (ranging from Volkswagen to Panasonic) as well as the vehicle’s name, Impulse.

Die-Cut DecalsCourtesy of Flickr

Starting Sunday October 16th, Impulse will participate in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge in Australia. This is an 1800-mile, cross-country trek across the Australian Outback. Without the assistance of and the generous sponsors who purchased Impulse’s decals, CalSol’s participation in the race would not have been possible. Best of luck, CalSol!

Solar Car DecalsCourtesy of Flickr

Read more about CalSol and Impulse, as well as’s assistance, in our CalSol press release. To follow Impulse’s progress in the World Solar Challenge, go to

Variations On a Theme: Customizing Templates, Part 2

04 Oct
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Here’s our next installment in our series “Variations On a Theme,” which shows you the possibilities that are available with our fully-customizable templates. Hopefully this will inspire you to get creative using our online design tool!

Today’s template is another of our fully-customizable salon signs. This template features a wave background texture and also two white circle spotlights to feature 1) a sales message and 2) compelling images.

Say you like this template but it doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic of your salon. Simply edit the text, swap out the image, and change the color scheme, and now you have a totally different look.

Maybe you’re not a salon at all, but you like the elements of this template. That small white circle, for instance, can be used to create a fun birthday sign, like this one.

The background texture looks kind of like waves of grass. Change the background color to green, and add in a soccer ball image and you’ve got the perfect banner to promote a soccer tournament.

One thing to note in this last design is the usage of the transparency feature built into our design tool. To use the transparency feature, click on your image, and then in the left sidebar under Image Options will be a box which says “Transparent.” Checking this box will remove the white background from the image.

Keep in mind that this will not work on all images—PNGs are the best file type to use as they are designed without a background. If you’re using something other than a PNG, in some cases other white portions of the image may be removed as well (depending on how the file was created). You may have to try a few different images until you find one that works.

Like this template? Get started designing now!

Top 5 Tips for Designing Political Signs

14 Sep
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Courtesy of Evansville Courier & Press

Political signs, much like real estate signs, are commonplace in the industry. As an aspiring political candidate, it’s important to use campaign signs just to stay even with your competition. All political signs are not created equal, however—there are some definite strategies to use when designing your sign to make it more-effective.

  1. Create a “brand”—Think like a businessman (or woman). The point of your campaign is “selling” yourself (or, if you are a campaign manager, your candidate). As with any business, creating a brand is crucial for your campaign. This means creating a color scheme, slogan, logo, and any other brand elements necessary to make your campaign memorable.
  2. Make it personal—The message of politics is that every vote counts, so make sure your political signs connect with voters individually. Although you want your signs to look professional, they should also be personal. Include a picture of yourself, or some other clue that shows voters that you’re a real person who wants to represent them.
  3. Less is more—Political signs aren’t going to win the election for you; rather, they’re mainly-used to build name recognition. Thus, you don’t have to include your entire platform on the signs. They’re viewed quickly, so edit your content to only what’s completely-necessary.
  4. Encourage action—After viewing your sign, your reader should be motivated to take action by researching your campaign or even going to vote. Thus, include a call to action, which could be your website, the date of the election, etc.
  5. Stand out from the crowd—Every one of your competitors, plus candidates running for other offices, will be using political signs as well. Simply having signs isn’t enough. Make them interesting, creative, and personal.