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Infographic: Real Estate Starter Kit

12 Feb
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Starting a real estate business can be a nerve-wracking experience. A lot needs to get done before your new business can get off the ground. From setting up your office to planning an open house, you’ll need several different supplies, including custom signs to promote your real estate business and listings.

A couple of our team members consulted with real estate industry experts and put this infographic, Real Estate Starter Kit, together so that you know exactly what you need to give your new real estate business a boost. Whether you need real estate signs or a pair of real estate car magnets, we’re here to help. Check it out!

Real Estate Starter Kit Infographic

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Sign Secrets: Doc. 1 Writing a great message

03 Aug
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Sign Secrets Doc 1

Recently our agents came across a series of documents from the elusive Society of Sign Afficiandos. These documents hold sign secrets never before revealed to the public. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the secrets with you. Below is Doc. 1, “Writing a Great Message,” an excerpt from the Society of Sign Aficionados’s manifesto, Essentials for Sign Design: Continue Reading

Signazon.com Wants To Know Your “Black Friday Advantage”

07 Nov
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Black Friday SignsAttention, small business owners! With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season right around the corner, it’s important that you begin to prepare your holiday sales strategy. One of the most-important parts of preparing for Black Friday is determining your advertising. Signazon.com is here to help! Right now on the Signazon.com Facebook page, we are offering you a chance to win up to $750 in FREE signage for your business to use on Black Friday. This package includes free banners, yard signs, window clings, posters, and even a Design Consultation from us to ensure your signs make an impact!

Why Black Friday signs, you ask? Customers have a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time, so it’s important that you use signs to show what your business has to offer. At Signazon.com, we call this your Black Friday Advantage—what you have over the competition that makes you unique. Upon entering the contest, you’ll have a chance to tell us your Black Friday Advantage. In addition, your family, friends, employees, and customers can all vote for you via the Facebook page. The competition ends November 16th, so ENTER today!

Top 5 Rules for Political Sign Campaigns

19 Sep
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Courtesy of The Washington Times

When preparing to implement a political signs campaign, it’s important to have all your bases covered. This will likely be a large expense for your campaign, and you want it to be effective, so make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. Here are 5 important things to remember when ordering political signs.

  1. Be prepared—A sign campaign is a major endeavor, so make sure you’re ready to do it. This means allocating a budget, designing your signs, planning out your installation, planning the sign removal, etc. There are more steps than you’d think.
  2. Check for legality—You can’t place political yard signs in every location. Check with city officials, homeowner’s associations, business groups, etc., to determine where you can and can’t display a sign. Many of these groups even limit sizes, colors, etc., so to ensure you don’t waste money, check these things beforehand. For more information on sign legality, check out the Top 5 Legal Concerns for Political Signs.
  3. Design carefully—Hire a graphic designer if you have the resources, or at least research a bit of color theory and design. There will be no shortage of political signs around town, so it’s crucial that you stand out. Check out our post on political signs design for more information.
  4. Right size, right price, right material—Ordering the right kind of sign will make your campaign considerably more-effective. Research your materials and sizes to determine which one will get noticed and be right for your budget. You don’t want your signs to look cheap, but at the same time, over-extravagance sends the wrong message.
  5. Less is more—How you implement political signs will reflect on your campaign’s reputation. Above all, remember that less is more, when it comes to design, the number of signs you order, etc. Place fewer signs in strategic high-traffic locations rather than a more signs all over town in less-busy locations. This is less wasteful and produces a better return on investment.

Top 5 Legal Concerns for Political Signs

16 Sep
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Courtesy of The Spot by The Denver Post

Although ordering political signs is a quick-and-easy process, it is important that you do some research ahead of time to make sure displaying your signs is legal in your area. Political signs regulations vary by state and community, so it’s always best to check with the authorities rather than waste money ordering signs you can’t use. Here are the most-important things to determine beforehand.

  1. Placement—The biggest concern is whether or not you’re even allowed to display political signs which promote your campaign or a candidate whom you support. As a business owner, check with your property management. As a personal supporter, check with your homeowner’s or neighborhood association. As a candidate, check with city officials to learn which areas allow signage. Rules are especially strict around polling locations, so make sure to clarify this ahead—of-time to avoid a fine, citation, or removal of your signs.
  2. Size—Many homeowner’s associations and city officials, if they allow campaign signs in the first place, limit the size of signs that can be displayed. This helps eliminate a cluttered look and ensures that the signs are readable but not overpowering. It’s another great question to ask, and look for a sign company that can accommodate custom sizes just in case.
  3. Duration—Some states require that signs be removed the day after the election has ended, whereas others allow 7-10 days. In case you’d like to reuse your signs, make sure you’re prepared to remove them so that they are not disposed of by the city or state.
  4. Disclaimer—Many campaigns order political yard signs using funds from campaign contributions. In these cases, it’s usually-necessary that you disclose who paid for (or at least contributed to the purchase of) the signs. Full-disclosure is always the safest choice.
  5. Safety—It’s important that your signs are noticeable but not distracting to passing motorists. Don’t place your signs in locations that could cause a safety issue, whether it’s a political sign that blocks an important street sign or lane marker, or even a sign in the median of a road which could be dangerous to install or remove.

It’s always best to be proactive and address these concerns before installing your signs. Here is an example of a state’s rules for campaign signs (in this case, Texas).


Top 5 Tips for Designing Political Signs

14 Sep
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Courtesy of Evansville Courier & Press

Political signs, much like real estate signs, are commonplace in the industry. As an aspiring political candidate, it’s important to use campaign signs just to stay even with your competition. All political signs are not created equal, however—there are some definite strategies to use when designing your sign to make it more-effective.

  1. Create a “brand”—Think like a businessman (or woman). The point of your campaign is “selling” yourself (or, if you are a campaign manager, your candidate). As with any business, creating a brand is crucial for your campaign. This means creating a color scheme, slogan, logo, and any other brand elements necessary to make your campaign memorable.
  2. Make it personal—The message of politics is that every vote counts, so make sure your political signs connect with voters individually. Although you want your signs to look professional, they should also be personal. Include a picture of yourself, or some other clue that shows voters that you’re a real person who wants to represent them.
  3. Less is more—Political signs aren’t going to win the election for you; rather, they’re mainly-used to build name recognition. Thus, you don’t have to include your entire platform on the signs. They’re viewed quickly, so edit your content to only what’s completely-necessary.
  4. Encourage action—After viewing your sign, your reader should be motivated to take action by researching your campaign or even going to vote. Thus, include a call to action, which could be your website, the date of the election, etc.
  5. Stand out from the crowd—Every one of your competitors, plus candidates running for other offices, will be using political signs as well. Simply having signs isn’t enough. Make them interesting, creative, and personal.

Monday Fun-day: Hilarious Political Yard Signs

12 Sep
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Politics, for the most part, is a serious topic. If you’re having light conversation with a friend or acquaintance, it’s generally best to steer clear of a political debate. Nevertheless, at Signazon.com, we never tire of finding funny yard signs to brighten your day, so today’s spotlight is on political signs. Who knows? Maybe humor is just what you need to make your campaign signs stand out from the crowd.

Courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio

Kudos to this political candidate for thinking outside the box. She included her picture, which makes the sign personal, and played up a touchy subject to connect with voters on an emotional level.

Courtesy of About.com Political Humor

Sometimes, the opposite of what’s expected can make a big impact. In this case, the sign pokes fun at the popular trend of using a short, catchy slogan on a sign to express political views.

Courtesy of About.com Political Humor

This sign from the Obama campaign is quite humorous, but it brings up a good point. As an aspiring political candidate, using political yard signs is a great way to raise money for your campaign.

Courtesy of Graphics Hunt

A little honesty goes a long way, especially in this case. Political feelings regarding former President Clinton aside, the shocking bluntness of this sign rider (the smaller sign below) certainly gets attention.

Courtesy of Nero HQ

Note to anyone who wants to display a sign to express your political opinion: Spell check is your friend. It makes you look a lot more credible.

Courtesy of Tootsie Jean

I guess this is the only exception. Again, get a friend to help if necessary to make sure you have everything spelled correctly. Your sign will be much more effective.

Courtesy of Ventura County Star

Humorous and clever, this political sign shows that a catchy slogan or saying can make your campaign memorable. The goal is to be in the mind of voters come Election Day, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Last but not least…

Courtesy of About.com Political Humor

Because, well, let’s be honest, it needs to happen.

Happy Monday, everyone!


5 Most-Important Yard Sign Design Elements

29 Aug
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If you’re spending money on a yard sign campaign, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the design so that your signs will be easy-to-read, effective, and compelling. There are a variety of different things to consider when designing a yard sign—here’s the Top 5.

Note: In each of the following pictures, the sign on the right is the best choice.


The sign on the left is too small to be read clearly from a distance. There’s not necessarily a “right” or “wrong” yard sign size, but consider what’s the most appropriate for your intended use. You can get whatever size you want, but make sure the text and the sign itself are large enough to be seen, but not so large that the sign overwhelms the space or doesn’t fit.


With any sign design, effective use of color contrast is key. The sign on the left, while patriotic, just does not have enough contrast to stand out. Make sure your key information (such as a political candidate’s name) clearly “pops” away from the background.


Keep in mind that your lawn sign needs to catch the viewer’s attention very quickly, so although you may have a lot to say, less is generally more. The for rent sign on the left is just too busy—most of the text can’t even be read, whereas the political sign is clear and simple.


When choosing a font, you may be drawn toward beautiful, intricate scripts. These indeed look elegant, but compare the two signs above; at a glance, which one is easier to read? Yard signs are used to build recognition, so your sign should be instantly-legible.


The material you choose can also affect what kind of sign you design. Assume the signs above are corrugated plastic (mounted with wire stakes). A political yard sign, seen on the right, is appropriate, because it’s temporary. For the dental sign on the left, corrugated plastic might not be the best choice, because this is likely a long-term sign—the customer should go with a metal yard sign or even window graphics.

Friday Fun – Funny Custom Yard Signs

26 Aug
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Add some humor to your day today and take a look at some of the funniest yard sign designs found on the internet. Funny yard signs can be an inspiration to all of us to lighten the mood for an event, send a message that sticks, or to just share a laugh. Our list of funny yard signs is inspiration to adding a lighter touch to your yard sign for an advertisement or message that really gets through.

Courtesy of Smite A. Hippie
Why not be direct with your yard signs! Nothing says don’t rob me better then a firearms training security sign. Place this funny yard sign in your yard and everyone is sure to want one just like it. Designing funny yard signs for your business, even a simple security sign for a firearms academy, are a great way to attraction attention.

Courtesy of Red Dawn 4473
Political humor is a great way to get your message across about your own political views. This sign is a great play on current political debates and really drills in this person’s views. The humor in this sign has been replicated across many yards sign this was initially posted while others aim to show their support for right to bear arms.

Courtesy of Shoot Me Now
Protect your yard and send a reminder with a funny sign like this neighborhood sign. Everyone pushes for responsible owners to pick up after their pets, but just aren’t that interested. Send a funny reminder to your local pet owners with a message that will be remembered.

Courtesy of Beadmonki
Warning yard signs are certainly not limited to docs and burglars. Check out these “attack chickens” hard at work protecting their yard. Custom design a warning sign for your own humorous guards and add a little humor with your warning.

Courtesy of Credit Crunch Bride
Adding humor to your event is also a great way to get people to really enjoy themselves. Take this funny wedding yard sign, for example. This lighthearted couple really broke the ice for their guests, and I’m sure finished the wedding with some pretty memorable stories.

Courtesy of Innocent English
Yard sign materials, like aluminum and corrugated plastic, can be used for more than just sticking in the yard. While the ordering process is the same, these signs can also be used to hang around the office. Like this restaurant sign that really breaks down the service industry for customers.

Courtesy of Divorce Discourse
Don’t think yard signs are limited to business signs and bandit real estate signs, some very funny yard signs are also used to make public announcements. Like the announcement of a cheating husband. Although you probably don’t want to dish out all your dirty laundry, a large yard sign is great way to drive your message and make a statement.

Courtesy of Joepeek
If not the most notorious form of yard signs, yard sale signs are a familiar form of signage that decorates most neighborhoods. A funny yard sale sign is like creating a business opportunity. I’m sure the sly humor in this sign worked to really boost sales as inquisitive shoppers hurried to see just what was going on and going out.

Courtesy of EcoRover
If you want to add a yard sign as decoration and just simple humor, this is a great example. This sign plays on fun and the design makes it a great accent for a decorative lawn sign or garden sign. Custom yards signs let you really lead with your creativity to create a sign that shows your personality and fits your theme.

8 Inspiring Wedding Yard Sign Designs

25 Aug
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Wedding yard signs are a perfect way to introduce your wedding, direct family around your ceremony, and add your own personal touch around your venue. Well designed wedding signs can incorporate your theme and send a heartwarming message to add to the emotion of your event. Wedding yard signs are the ideal signage for a wedding venue because there they are simple to place. There is no need to concern yourself with how you will hang it, if your sign will damage any furnishings, or if it will be noticeable. Yard signs are designed for effective simplicity and are versatile enough to fit any theme. Here is a collection of inspiring wedding sign designs and messages that could be a perfect accompaniment for your special day.

Courtesy of Diana Ma Weddings
A simple but elegant yard sign can easily be used to direct guests around a venue, steer them away from incorrect entrances, and even keep them out of the bridal suites. The rigid signs can easily be placed on chairs and stands to look like a simple prop within the wedding theme.

Courtesy of Go Jump in the Lake
Include a verse from your wedding vows on a custom designed yard sign to emphasize the oath and promise that you are making on your wedding day. It’s a great way to mark the entrance of your ceremony and announce the bride and groom.

Courtesy of DIY Unveiled
Create fun signs that express the love and character of both the bride and the groom. A simple message, the bride and grooms name, and a fun design are an inexpensive way to continue the theme across the entire venue and add sentiment to the ceremony.

Courtesy of Karen Tran Florals
A destination wedding, like a beach wedding, requires some extra touches to really bring together a theme and direct attendees. A theme-designed yard sign at your entrance, and signs placed around guest tables are a great way to help guests and add your style to the event. Add signs around gift tables, sign-in books, and guest tables with programs and gifts.

Courtesy of The Knot
Custom designed yard signs are simply a rigid material that can be placed in the yard, but that doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. Create a custom sign on the rigid material and place it in an elegant easel for a more unique way to display.

Courtesy of Event Angel
Help direct wedding attendant through your fairytale with this simple but heart-jerking message. Every little girl wishes for that storybook “happily ever after” moment. Tie in your theme with a vintage border for an antique or black and white wedding theme.

Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes
Bring the yard indoors with a small yard sign design staked into flower pots. Finding a unique way to show your yard signs can add to the experience and is a great way to incorporate your garden theme into your reception room or add inexpensive accents that can make a world of difference.

Courtesy of Jamm Entertainment
Choose a wedding sign for your ceremony that emphasize your personality, shows your theme, and welcomes guests with sincere appreciation for their attendance. Think outside of the box when considering wedding yard signs and you can easily find a unique way to display them and a message that really means something.