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Truck Magnets Help You Spread the Word

Truck magnets are a great way to advertise on your fleet of vehicles. Whether you work in the building, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, or roofing industry, business magnets for trucks can help you attract more customers that you may have been missing out on. We have hundreds of free templates for you to choose from if you don’t have your own design to upload. From there, you may customize as you like in our free online design tool. Template types range across all relevant contractor industries.

Imagine your personalized truck magnet on a job-site truck, a loading van, or even heavy machinery. As long as the application surface is magnetic, truck magnets are a sure win. Custom truck magnets also lend professionalism to your company. Without them, your truck could be any other truck on the road.

Custom Truck Magnets that Never Back Down

A truck magnet is made of 30 mil thick Magnetic material that is strong, durable, and made to withstand any conditions on the job site. Your business magnet will also be able to hold on to your truck day in and day out (provided correct installation). Furthermore, the corners are even rounded to prevent them from catching air and flying off your vehicle. We suggest cleaning your truck magnet weekly to extend its life.

Truck Magnets
SIZE (H x W):
10 in. x 20 in.
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