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What is the difference between Vinyl Decal Film and Static Cling?
If you are looking for a long-term installation (more than 6 months), choose Vinyl Decal Film. This material has an adhesive that allows that graphics to hold strong to practically any surface, from glass to wood to plastic to metal. Note that Vinyl Decal Film can be removed with heat, it just cannot be reused once it has been removed.

However, if you are looking for a temporary installation (less than 6 months), choose Static Cling. Static Cling has no adhesive and can easily be removed, repositioned and reused. This is a great choice if you need to use your signs more than once. Static Cling is not ideal for long-term use and should only be used outdoors in very-temporary situations.

For more information about Vinyl Decal Film and Static Cling, review Vinyl Decal vs. Static Cling – Which Is Right For Me?
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