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Lottery Checks Emphasize Your Prize

Lottery checks are a unique and memorable way to recognize recipients at your presentation or event. When hard work is being rewarded or a lucky winner is being announced, big lottery checks truly make a statement! With’s lottery checks, your recipient will feel proud and special as they walk across the stage, pose for pictures, and more. We can produce blank lottery checks in any size and quantity you need, so whether your award is large are small, it should be recognized. We even offer reusable lottery checks that are great for recurring lotteries. Lottery checks take an exciting moment and make it the star of your event or celebration. Everyone likes to win, so create an exciting atmosphere with’s big award checks.

Award Checks: Add Your Logo For Free

Award checks can be customized for any prize amount and for any organization. We produce award checks using high-quality, full-color digital printing, so add color and excitement to your design for no extra charge. Use our easy online designer to create personalized award checks with your organization’s logo in the top corner, as a watermark, or anywhere else! Customize the amount, the recipient name, etc., so that the giant award checks are truly-personalized for your winners. Our large award checks are a unique memento for recipients to take home and remember the exciting moment they won your scholarship, contest, or other award. has everything you need to create and order giant lottery checks.

Giant Lottery Checks For One-Time Use or Long-Term Reusability

Giant lottery checks are available in a variety of different materials. For one-time use giant lottery checks, Eco Board, which is similar to corrugated plastic, is an affordable option. 3mm and 6mm PVC are best when you plan to reuse giant lottery checks, or for high-dollar amounts as they look more-professional. For extra-large giant lottery checks or ones that you will use while traveling, Snap Board is the perfect solution as it can roll up for easy storage. 24x48 is the most-popular size, but if more than 2 people will be holding your giant lottery checks, it’s a good idea to go larger. Add the Dry Erase option if you need reusable giant lottery checks.

Lottery checks ensure that your big winners have a big moment. Winning is fun, so order giant lottery checks today!

Lottery Checks
SIZE (H x W):
18 in. x 36 in.
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