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Novelty Checks From Enhance Your Presentation

Novelty checks are a surprisingly-versatile product for a variety of occasions. From a high-profile charity donation to a gag gift for a birthday party, big novelty checks get attention and build excitement.’s custom novelty checks can be used for whatever event you’re planning. With a large selection of free design templates, several different materials, and a quick production time, we make it easy to order oversized novelty checks online. You can even order blank novelty checks that are erasable for continued use! Any time there is a donation, award, or other important presentation involved, make sure novelty checks are part of the plan. is your source for giant novelty checks.

Giant Novelty Checks Can Be Personalized For Your Event

Giant novelty checks from include a personalized design for no additional charge. To make the design process easier, select one of our fully-customizable templates for giant novelty checks and edit it to fit your event. Add your recipient’s name, the donation amount, the date of the presentation, etc., so that your giant novelty checks reflect the specific occasion for which they will be used. Don’t forget to upload sponsor logos as a watermark or in the top-left corner so that everyone will know who is contributing the amount listed on the giant novelty checks. produces giant novelty checks using high-quality, full-color digital printing, so add color to make the check’s design stand out. Add a professional edge to your presentation with’s large novelty checks.

Large Novelty Checks: Materials and Sizes For Every Occasion

Large novelty checks are produced on one of four different materials. The most-affordable option for large novelty checks is Eco Board, which is much like Corrugated Plastic and is best for short-term use. For the most-professional look, order large novelty checks on either 3mm PVC or 6mm PVC. These smooth, rigid materials ensure that your large novelty checks have a clean, crisp finish that will look great in photographs. Large novelty checks made from Snap Board can be rolled up, so if you’re ordering an extra-large size like 24x60 or 30x72, this material will save on shipping costs. Don’t forget to add the Dry Erase option if you need reusable large novelty checks.

Novelty checks are a fun and unique way to highlight an important award or donation.’s giant novelty checks make an impact and get noticed. Order large novelty checks today!

Novelty Checks
SIZE (H x W):
18 in. x 36 in.
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