5 Signs With Great “Bang for Your Buck”
Bang For Your Buck Signs
Signs are always a great choice for business owners looking to advertise without breaking the bank. Of course, not all sign products are equal—some provide more “bang for your buck” than others. These signs are not only affordable, but also effective, helping you draw in customers and grow your business. Here are the five best products for those with a limited advertising budget:

1. Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners
Being both inexpensive and attention-grabbing, it’s easy to see why custom banners are number one on our list. Advertising banners can be printed at large sizes and are designed to be eye-catching from a distance. Keep your design bold and your message simple – there’s no need to squeeze every single different message you think of into the banner. Moreover, promotional banners are long-lasting and reusable, allowing you to make the most of your money. Order a banner for a sale or a season, and once your event passes, roll up the banner and store it for next year or your next promotion.

2. Rear Window Graphics

Rear Window Graphics
For small businesses, getting your name out can be a daunting task. Rear window decals allow you to promote your business on the go, wherever you go. The perforated material allows you to create a compelling message with vivid graphics. Advertising on the rear window of your car is an effective way to catch the attention of potential customers. When they’re stuck in traffic or waiting at a stop light, they have no other place to look! In terms of getting the most for your money, car window graphics are one of the best ways to grow your business.

3. A Frame Signs

A Frame Signs
A frames are perfect for outdoor sidewalk advertising. Right in the line of vision of people walking or driving by, these sidewalk signs are sure to draw foot traffic into your store. A great investment, an A frame is durable and weatherproof, allowing it to be used day after day. Swapping out signs is easy, and once you have an A frame, all you will need to do is buy new signs for any events or specials you may have. You can even save money by purchasing your frame and custom signs together in a bundle deal.

4. One Way Vision

Store One Way Vision
Similar to rear window graphics, one way privacy film helps you maximize the advertising space on your store front. Design a visually-interesting, full color graphic to cover your store windows, and you’re bound to attract more customers, new and old. The ability to fully cover your windows with perforated vinyl (don’t worry – the material still allows natural light to come through) means that your message will have a big impact, making these store window graphics a wise investment.

5. Car Magnets

Car Magnets
Once again, on-the-go advertising proves that it is one of the most-effective ways to advertise. Easy to remove and reposition as needed, magnetic signs transform your personal vehicle into a business advertisement. Magnetic car signs are also very visible, which makes them an easy way to spread your message as you drive around all over town. The cost-per-exposure is low, letting you make the most of your money.

If you’ve got a small budget and still want to grow your business, look no further – these sign products are the best in the industry. With the right design and a smart investment, you can maximize your advertising exposure without maxing out your budget.
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