Sandwich Board Signs

Catch the Eye of Customers

Sandwich board signs can be used for anything from directing traffic in your parking lot to guiding customers to a specific location in your store. Catching the eye of potential customers is important, and it is made easy using sandwich boards! These signs are lightweight, portable and easy to reposition as needed. When not in use, you can simply fold up your sandwich board frame and easily store it away. It’s easy to switch out the message on your sandwich board signs, so if you’re looking for reusable advertising, here’s your solution.


From long term, heavy-duty advertising to something short and temporary, our A-frame signs fit the bill. We offer both plastic and metal options, so whatever your preference may be, we have a solution. We recommend using sturdy materials like corrugated plastic, 3MM PVC, or even Ultra Metal so that your sandwich boards will look professional and last a long time. Some A-boards even have wheels to make transport and relocation a breeze. If wind is a concern, don’t worry—we have special A-boards that are wind resistant with coil springs that allow the sign to sway gently as opposed to falling over. Customers will be lining up at your door when they see sandwich boards out in front that present a great offer, so order yours today!

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