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Anniversary Banners
Anniversary Banners
SIZE (H x W):
2 ft. x 4 ft.

Anniversary Banners Send a Special Message

Anniversary banners are about spotlighting a legacy, be it a long-lasting marriage or a successful business. With’s anniversary banners, you’re letting others know that it’s time to celebrate. Anniversary banners are large and noticeable, so everyone who views them will realize the importance of the anniversary being celebrated. Anniversaries are a joyous occasion, so by displaying anniversary banners, you are helping to create a festive spirit. Recognize the legacy of your congregation with church anniversary banners, or thank your customers for their years of support with business anniversary banners. There are countless ways to use happy anniversary banners.

Happy Anniversary Banners: Customizable, Affordable, Memorable

Happy anniversary banners can be printed on several different materials. Choose our 13 oz. vinyl banner material in either gloss or matte finish for happy anniversary banners that are long-lasting, durable, and usable outdoors. If you’re placing your happy anniversary banners indoors, our canvas material is a great choice. Canvas happy anniversary banners have a textured, matte finish that looks like custom artwork. At, we make it easy to order happy anniversary banners. We have plenty of fully-customizable templates that you can use to create happy anniversary banners with a personal message. Several standard sizes are available, or you can order custom-sized happy anniversary banners. It’s easy and fun to create the perfect wedding anniversary banners.

Wedding Anniversary Banners Spotlight a Lifetime of Love

Wedding anniversary banners show your significant other that you remembered—in a big way! Nothing says happiness like the smiles from that special couple when they see their names or photos on custom wedding anniversary banners. Use wedding anniversary banners to show the lovebirds (or your special someone) that their anniversary should be celebrated. Full-color wedding anniversary banners, with photographs or sentiments of love, demonstrate how important this person (or the anniversary couple) is in your life. Whether you order wedding anniversary banners for your parents, grandparents, friends, or your own partner, it’s the perfect way to say "I love you" when the words just aren’t enough. Use our numerous templates, unlimited quantities, and custom sizes to design wedding anniversary banners!

Anniversary banners are the perfect way to send a special message during an anniversary. Use happy anniversary banners to spotlight your business’s anniversary sale, or use wedding anniversary banners to let your loved one know you remembered. makes it easy!

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