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Band Banners
Band Banners
SIZE (H x W):
2 ft. x 4 ft.

Band Banners Look Professional and Polished

Band banners are the perfect backdrop during concerts and performances. Whether you’re in a rock band or a marching band,’s high-quality, full-color band banners help promote your group. Hang custom band banners on the stage before your concerts, or display them around the venue to promote your upcoming performance. Band banners are even great for loyal fans who want to show their support by decorating their home. Create band banners for every concert season, customized for your specific tour. Displaying band banners makes your concert look more-professional and exciting. At, it’s easy and fun to design custom band backdrops and music banners.

Music Banners Attract Loyal Fans

Music banners should be personalized to reflect the personality of your band. Choose one of our professionally-designed templates for music banners and customize it with your band’s name, logo, concert schedule, and a custom color scheme. There’s no charge to create custom-designed music banners, so feel free to express your creativity. Our high-quality digital printing process produces music banners that look like custom artwork, which means they will practically jump off the stage into the crowd of fans listening to your concert. Music banners add a visual element to your concert, and help your name stick in the mind of potential new fans. Not all bands perform on stage, though, so we also have solutions for marching band banners.

Marching Band Banners Make a Great First Impression

Marching band banners from announce your presence in parades and competitions. You can also use marching band banners as large backdrops during your show. Marching bands and drum corps are always on the move, so our lightweight, portable marching band banners are the perfect way to identify your group. Since marching band banners are used outdoors, use our high-quality gloss vinyl material and add the "Outdoor" option, which reinforces the edges for increased durability. Add a pole pocket to the top of your marching band banners so they can be carried by your drum majors or color guard as you march in parades or enter a stadium. First impressions are important, so make an entrance with personalized marching band banners.

Band banners are great for music groups and marching bands alike. Create custom music banners using’s free templates and online design tool. We ship fast, so order marching band banners just in time for your competition or concert!

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