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Blockout Vinyl Decals

Blockout vinyl window decals are designed to block light from getting through. They are ideal for creating privacy in store displays and office buildings. Create custom vinyl designs with Signazon.
Blockout Vinyl Decals
Size (H x W)
12 in. x 24 in.
18 in. x 24 in.
24 in. x 36 in.
Blockout Vinyl
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Get it 3/23/2023
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20 hrs, 3 mins
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Blockout Vinyl
100% Light Block

A glossy, white film with 100% opacity. Best for "Coming Soon" signages during constructions or cover up existing graphics. 

Features—Thickness: 6 mil, twice as much as other vinyl films. Maximum Opacity achieved by metallized white film coated with a white-pigmented adhesive. Life expectancy: 2 years for indoor use, 1 year for outdoor use.

Best For—Interior and exterior windows, multiple color two-way window graphics, cover-up labels or decals.

Understanding Blockout Vinyl Decal
Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners is an option available for business cards and aluminum signs. With the Rounded Corners option, each corner is rounded with a smooth finish. For business cards, this provides a unique twist on the traditional business card; for aluminum signs, this option prevents injury from sharp edges.

Get Your Message Across with Blockout Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are one of the most popular ways to add signage to windows in a store or other setting. There are multiple types of decals that you can use for display, including blockout vinyl decals.   These window decals are adhesive, so they can be applied to a flat surface (most often glass). However, unlike some other vinyl that is used for window displays, these decals have specific features that allow them to block light.  

Create an Opaque Window Display with Blockout Vinyl


The term “vinyl decal” is very broad, and there are a wide variety of different types of vinyl that you can print on to get different effects. Some of the most popular vinyl decals are printed on a clear, transparent backing so you can see through the areas that do not have printed logos, images, or text. These work great in situations where you want to have a vinyl decal that still lets in natural light. They are also ideal for vehicle decals placed on the side or back windows of a car or truck, where visibility is critical for safety.  

Another type of vinyl sticker is one that purposely does not allow light to filter through or someone to see through it. Custom window decals that block light are perfect for situations where:

  • You need privacy and are using vinyl window decals as a way to cover up windows from view. There are many places where this can be advantageous. For example, you could use it in a spa with glass doors, office buildings where clientele is confidential, or interior office conference rooms where meetings take place.
  • You are adding decals to packaging and want to use it to cover up other things without being able to see through the vinyl.

How Blockout Vinyl Decals Work

The basics on how these window decals for business work is the material they are printed on. We use a thick, glossy, white film so you can print on one or both sides without letting any light through. Our high-quality printer ensures that every vinyl decal has crisp, clear images and graphics and bright colors.

You can also design custom window decals to fill a space with both blockout vinyl and clear vinyl, combining the two to allow some natural light in while blocking out other areas.

Design Your Blockout Vinyl Decals Today

Use our easy online tools to create blockout vinyl decals for your space. You can customize all printed vinyl right on our website to fit the size and shape where you plan to hang it. Upload your own design or use one of our pre-designed templates to start.  

Blockout Vinyl Decal File Preparation

Design Guidelines

Have a design file ready for print? We recommend that you review the following guidelines before placing your order.
Total File Size With Bleed (H x W):
Finished Product Size (H x W):
Understanding File Setup
Bleed Area Add 0.125in.
Extend your background to fill the full "bleed area." This will make sure you do not end up with white edges when your product is cut.
Finished Project Size What you selected on this page
This is where we aim to cut your final product size.
Safe Zone Inset 0.125in.
Keep all of the important elements of your design-text, logo, icons-inside this area. It's okay for backgrounds and images to run all the way to the bleed area.
What type of files will you accept?
We recommend vector-based .PDF design files. Most major design applications can generate a print-ready .PDF by using the Save As feature and selecting “Adobe PDF.” If you are unable to obtain a .PDF file for your design, the best are those in .EPS or .AI (CS3 or higher) format with all text converted to outlines.
Recommended file types:
Vector-based .PDF, .PS, .PSD, or .EPS. Vector-based Adobe Illustrator .AI
Other accepted file types:
.PNG, .TIF, . BMP, .GIF, or .JPG
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2 years ago
Easy to use. Design are relevant and great selection of them
Andrew C, Elmira, NY
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4 years ago
Great Web page and always very satisfied
Luis S, Miami Beach, FL
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4 years ago
Reviews: 1
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
4 years ago
Great and convenient service! Easy to use design page and can make all the custom changes I wanted for my vinyl decal! Love this user friendly experience!
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