8 Inspiring Wedding Sign Designs
Wedding yard signs are a perfect way to introduce your wedding, direct family around your ceremony, and add your own personal touch around your venue. Well designed wedding signs can incorporate your theme and send a heartwarming message to add to the emotion of your event. Wedding yard signs are the ideal signage for a wedding venue because there they are simple to place. There is no need to concern yourself with how you will hang it, if your sign will damage any furnishings, or if it will be noticeable. Yard signs are designed for effective simplicity and are versatile enough to fit any theme. Here is a collection of inspiring wedding sign designs and messages that could be a perfect accompaniment for your special day.

Outdoor Wedding Signs
A simple but elegant yard sign can easily be used to direct guests around a venue, steer them away from incorrect entrances, and even keep them out of the bridal suites. The rigid signs can easily be placed on chairs and stands to look like a simple prop within the wedding theme.

Include a verse from your wedding vows on a custom designed yard sign to emphasize the oath and promise that you are making on your wedding day. It’s a great way to mark the entrance of your ceremony and announce the bride and groom.

Create fun signs that express the love and character of both the bride and the groom. A simple message, the bride and grooms name, and a fun design are an inexpensive way to continue the theme across the entire venue and add sentiment to the ceremony.

Beach Wedding Yard Signs
A destination wedding, like a beach wedding, requires some extra touches to really bring together a theme and direct attendees. A theme-designed yard sign at your entrance, and signs placed around guest tables are a great way to help guests and add your style to the event. Add signs around gift tables, sign-in books, and guest tables with programs and gifts.

Custom designed yard signs are simply a rigid material that can be placed in the yard, but that doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. Create a custom sign on the rigid material and place it in an elegant easel for a more unique way to display.

Happily Ever After Yard Signs
Help direct wedding attendant through your fairy tale with this simple but tear-jerking message. Every little girl wishes for that storybook “happily ever after” moment. Tie in your theme with a vintage border for an antique or black and white wedding theme.

Bring the yard indoors with a small yard sign design staked into flower pots. Finding a unique way to show your yard signs can add to the experience and is a great way to incorporate your garden theme into your reception room or add inexpensive accents that can make a world of difference.

Choose a wedding sign for your ceremony that emphasize your personality, shows your theme, and welcomes guests with sincere appreciation for their attendance. Think outside of the box when considering wedding yard signs and you can easily find a unique way to display them and a message that really means something.
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