Clear Printing 101
Clear Static Cling and Clear Vinyl are two of our most-popular materials for store window graphics. A clear background allows potential customers to see into your store, and current shoppers to see out and not feel trapped.

If you’re looking to order a clear window graphic, it is important that you know the options for printing that are available. The more information you provide us at the time your order is placed as to how to print on the clear material, the better the result. Here’s what you need to know:

Clear Background

What’s clear?

The first thing we need to know is what parts of your design you’d like clear. Most of the time, this is the white background that is in your file for easy viewing on the computer, but it’s important that you tell us exactly what you expect to be completely see-through.

What’s solid?
Solid Printing on Clear is a pioneer in the printing industry in that we can actually print white ink onto a clear material. This is perfect for white lettering on a window with a clear background, and we also use the white ink to back the colors of your file to make them completely-solid on the clear background, as you can see in the above picture. It’s important that you tell us exactly what should be solid so we can make sure to use this white-ink backing.

Transparent Color Background

What’s transparent color?

Another great choice is to print color directly onto the clear material without the white-ink backing. This results in a look like the above picture. As you can see, the yellow has a look that is similar to stained glass. The design is in color but light passes through it. Again, tell us exactly what you’d like to have this “stained glass look” so that we can produce it correctly.
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