Design Ideas for Different Styles of Spas and Salons
We’ve already identified some of the different types of spas and salons and what kind of signs you should order for them. Here are some great designs to get you inspired when creating a sign for your business.


Glamorous Salons
These types of salons are all about being over-the-top, so your design should reflect that. This design uses bright, bold colors, a dramatic image that features an elegant hairstyle, and a unique textured background that makes everything “pop.” This one’s sure to make a statement!


Classic Salons
This spa template is a great choice in that it’s neutral enough that it will attract a large variety of customers, but it’s visually-interesting enough that they won’t get bored when viewing it. It’s certainly a safer choice than something bolder, but the color scheme and font selection conveys a sense of luxury and professionalism.


Modern Salons
Modern design is all about minimalism and simplicity. This grand opening design uses very few colors, simple fonts, and an interesting but clean design. The look is unique, but clear and focused. Modern salons and spas cater to a younger, more cutting-edge crowd, so your design should reflect that aesthetic.


Avant-Garde Salons
Some salons and spas aren’t afraid to think outside the box and dare to be different. A design like this stands out from the crowd and makes a statement. Avant-garde isn’t for everyone, but you know that, and you’re okay with some people being turned away—they probably won’t like what you have to offer anyway.


Men's Salons
Men’s grooming is a tricky market. It’s growing like wildfire, but you have to be careful when marketing to men. They want to be pampered (even if they won’t admit it!), but they also want to be respected. This design is simple, dignified, and enticing—give men a great deal and you’ll have them as a customer in no time!


Children's Salons
Kids’ salons are about two things: fun and value. If you can create a design that shows a fun, light-hearted spirit, you’ve won over the children. If your design shows that you are affordable, you’ve won over their parents. Combine the two, and you’re hard to stop!
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