Good for a Laugh: 5 Sign Designs to Make You Smile
Using humor in advertisements has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for many companies. Whether the ad displays a funny picture or witty content, when the reader laughs, he or she pays more attention to the advertiser. The most¬-successful humorous ads still sell the product in addition to getting a chuckle, but at the very least a light-hearted, funny advertisement shows that your business has personality and isn’t stuffy, which improves your brand reputation. Here are some great examples of funny ads—may they inspire you to create witty business signs that have customers lining up at your door!

Diamond Coffee

We’ve all had a day like this, right? The takeaway from this ad is to play with exaggeration and scale. It grabs attention and makes people laugh, great for vinyl banners that are viewed from far away.

Listerine Mouthwash

Shock value works wonders for signage. It’s much better to be noticed for something extreme than to be ignored for a sign that’s boring. Makes you think twice about that pen you’ve been chewing on, eh?

Denver Water

Denver Water has a fantastic grouping of ads (check out Ads of the World for more), and this one is no exception. This shows that humor can be used to sell an important or serious message, so don’t be afraid to branch out if your business isn’t typically so light-hearted.

Scotts PatchMaster

Again, humor is used to make a somewhat ordinary product into something readers will notice. When using the “insult” ad, always be prepared for Plan B, in-case your joke isn’t received that well—if this were a storefront ad, for instance, a window cling would be a good choice because it could easily be removed.

Pedigree Jumbone

Sometimes a great visual is all it takes. You’d notice this sign from a mile away, and a simple slogan at the bottom is all it takes for the ad to be effective. Print an ad like this on a vinyl decal for your storefront window.

Now that you’ve had a good laugh, take all that you’ve learned and start designing a funny custom sign that brings you new clients!
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