How to Brand Your Spa and Salon Signs
Brand Your Spa
Branding is a concept that often gets ignored when running a small business like a spa, salon, studio or boutique. It’s easy to get caught up in paying the bills, keeping customers happy, and managing the employees, so if any marketing is done at all it’s quick and easy. The purpose of branding (creating elements that represent your business and build a cohesive identity) is to simplify the marketing process, but it does require some initial work up-front. Here are the most-important brand elements you should define:

Business Name

Obviously you already have a name, but it’s the most-important element of your brand as it gives customers a window into your business and what you provide.


Colors are tied very strongly to perception, so choose one or two colors to use throughout all of your marketing that fit with the look and feel that you provide in your spa or salon. You can decorate your storefront using these colors, and even incorporate them into your advertising. This helps customers identify your marketing when they see it.


Spas and salons don’t necessarily need a “slogan,” per se, as they can be a bit corny. However, a tagline used in conjunction with your business name can set you apart from the competition. It helps customers see how you position yourself in the industry (i.e. price leader, highest-quality, full-service, etc.).


In today’s world, every business, especially spas and salons, should have a well-designed website. Many customers will visit your website before visiting your actual site, so the two should match-up. Offer unique services like online appointment booking, list your products and services, etc.—whatever makes your site unique and useful.


If you are incorporating products into your business, or if you have a chain, it can be useful to have a logo, which is a visual representation of your business. This can be useful for signage, for ads, and for packaging as it’s easy-to-identify and doesn’t have to be read to be understood.
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