Signazon Designer Tutorial: Rotation
This week at, I am happy to announce that rotation is now available in our online design tool! We’re constantly improving and adding to our designer- we want to make it so that you can customize our templates to your heart’s desire. With the rotation function, you can easily rotate an image or a text box up to 360⁰ for an eye-catching design.

Rotation, Step 1

Here’s a great example: With graduation coming up soon, graduation banners are some of our best sellers this time of year. This template is one of our most popular designs. With the star burst in the background, it’s already a pretty exciting template. But now that rotation is available, you kick this template up a notch or two with simple tweaks.

Rotation, Step 2

To rotate the graduation hat, you first need to select the image. I want to rotate it to the left. Notice the top left control point of the image’s box looks different from the others. This is the rotation handle.

Rotation, Step 3

Now, all you need to do is to hold the rotation handle down and rotate the image with your mouse.

Rotation, Step 4

It’s as easy as that! The process is the same for text boxes. Select the text box, hold down the top left control point, and rotate!

Rotation, Step 5

I rotated the “2012!” text box to the right to make it stand out from the rest of the words.

Rotation, Step 6

You can rotate anything using this tool as little and as much as you want.

Rotation, Step 7

To finish, I rotated the “Congratulations” to the left in order to balance the design. Adding some oomph to this design is as easy as pie.

Rotation, Step 8

Rotation can give your design an entirely different vibe. By rotating the graduation cap and the text boxes, I was able to better convey a sense of excitement in the design, making it great for a fun event like graduation.

Rotation - Final

Our new rotation tool has many different possibilities. You can make text dramatic and turn heads (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), or you can do something as simple as flipping the direction of an arrow. Happy rotating!
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