Signs to Fit Your Salon Style - Part 1
Your salon style sets you apart from other salons and makes you unique and interesting to customers. To maintain a professional, but unique salon style you need to make sure your style is conveyed through every aspect of your salon for the chairs to the bathrooms to, of course, your signage. Here are sign ideas to fit your salon style:

Glamorous Salons

With a focus on dramatic style and glamorous accents a sultry salon needs alluring and seductive signs. Rich colors with deep contrast and dramatic designs are ideal for your signage. Starting with your salon windows add vinyl lettering in a rich color and bold, stylish font that offers a dramatic appeal. Your front counter is your first opportunity to impress and inform your clientele so add a lavish service menu behind your receptionist or in the waiting area using brushed metal to offer a 3-dimensional resonant look. Add wall decals using reusable fabric decals cut like elaborate chandeliers and filigree wall patterns so your stunning style can flow from the front door to the very back.

Classic Salons

Classic, traditional salons offer simplistic style with a timeless flair. Simple, elegant signs throughout your salon create an image that can appeal to all ages and genders with neutral colors and simple effective signage. To appeal to customers, add classic images to your storefront of fresh faces with modern but conventional styles on vinyl decal film. Place window clings in your front windows for promotional signs that can emphasize your more specialty services and styles. Use white vinyl lettering in simple fonts for a classic approach to list your services and store hours so your salon can relate itself to your targeted market.

Modern Salons

Modern salon styles are about a minimalistic combination of shapes, clean lines, and monochromatic colors. Use patterned window signs on your salon to build salon image. Perforated vinyl’s, like one-way vision, can create a full color plaid or striped pattern that can cover your entire window. Vinyl decals can be printed in neutral colors and cut to patterns to add striped and shapes along your storefront and throughout the inside of your salon. Design your salon name and promotional text using simple serif fonts for an unobtrusive look. Print them on vinyl lettering for a simple, clean look that blends with the theme.
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