Templates in Disguise: 4th of July Edition
Here at Signazon.com we love coming up with templates for our customers. We also love seeing how our customers transform our templates into something different. It doesn’t take much tweaking to customize a template to fit your needs.

Today I’ve put together a tutorial on how you can transform one of our 4th of July templates into a 4th of July promotional design that would look great on a banner. Enjoy!

July 4th 1

In order to transform this template into a promotion template, I need to simplify the background. The striped swirls combined with the star-bursts will make it difficult for the promotional message I want to stand out.

July 4th 2

Clicking on the background’s color wheel adjustment button, I’m able to remove the striped swirl and select a simple blue as my background. I still want to keep the star-bursts (the design would look too dull without them), but they’re still a little too bold for my liking.

July 4th 3

To fade out the star-burst background, all I need to do is select the image and move the fade dial to the left. It’s a subtle change, but it will help my text pop from the background while still keeping some visual interest in the background.

July 4th 4

Now for the fun part – adding my message. I want this design to say “4th of July Sale” and include information about the discount (“35% off red tag items”). The first order of business is to delete the “Happy” and move “4th of July” up to the top of the template. I change the font to Black – it looks more profession than the original font and conveys a sense of urgency (important if you’ve got a short-term promotion). Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Quick explanation: The shadow behind the text is created by having two of the same text objects in contrasting colors, slightly overlapping the other. To easily recreate a text object, select the text that you want to duplicate and click on “Add Text.” Another text object in the same font and color should appear. Then it’s just a matter of changing the color and moving it so that it looks like a shadow.

(If you still need help, here’s a great tutorial dedicated to adding a shadow to text)

Next, I add some text that says “sale.” In my case, the word “sale” is in white with a red shadow. However, I want “sale” to look different from the words “4th of July.” Red text with a white shadow would be better than white on red. Pro tip: instead of swapping the text colors manually, just select the text that’s on top and click on “Send Back.”

July 4th 5

A little adjustment… and voila! It looks a lot better now, doesn’t it? For my promotional message (“35% off red tag items”), I want to do a similar treatment. The “35% off” and “tag items” will be white with a red shadow. The word “red” will be red with a white shadow.

July 4th 6

When typing out the first part (“35% off ____ tag items”) of my message, I leave a space in the middle so that there’s room for the word “red.” Before we insert “red,” I want add a shadow to the white text.

July 4th 7

Once again, really simple. Select the white text. Click “Add Text.” Change the new text object’s color to red. Click “Send to Back” so that the new red text object is behind the white text. Adjust accordingly.

Now to add a new text object and type out the word “red.” Once you’ve adjusted it in the middle of the previous text, it’s the same process in creating a shadow, only this time we’re going for red text with a white background. Easy, right?

July 4th 8

A few changes before I’m finished. I increase the size of “sale” and “red” so that they pop even more – I want to make sure that people walking by (or driving by, if it’s outdoors) can see the message clearly.

Something looks a little off. To me, everything in the design is aligned so straight that things look too perfect and consequently too boring.

July 4th 9

To fix this, all I need to do is rotate the hat slightly to the left so that it’s no longer perfectly in place. Now the design looks much more balanced to me, and I’m ready to place my order!

Of course, this is just one way of transforming this template. The possibilities are limitless. Remember, our templates are here for you to customize, so don’t be afraid to change it around!
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