Friday Fun: Funny Custom Yard Signs
Add some humor to your day today and take a look at some of the funniest yard sign designs found on the internet. Funny yard signs can be an inspiration to all of us to lighten the mood for an event, send a message that sticks, or to just share a laugh. Our list of funny yard signs is inspiration to adding a lighter touch to your yard sign for an advertisement or message that really gets through.

Home Security Sign
Why not be direct with your yard signs! Nothing says don’t rob me better then a firearms training security sign. Place this funny yard sign in your yard and everyone is sure to want one just like it. Designing funny yard signs for your business, even a simple security sign for a firearms academy, are a great way to attraction attention.

Not Armed Sign
Political humor is a great way to get your message across about your own political views. This sign is a great play on current political debates and really drills in this person’s views. The humor in this sign has been replicated across many yards sign this was initially posted while others aim to show their support for right to bear arms.

Dog Poop Sign
Protect your yard and send a reminder with a funny sign like this neighborhood sign. Everyone pushes for responsible owners to pick up after their pets, but just aren’t that interested. Send a funny reminder to your local pet owners with a message that will be remembered.

Guard Chickens Sign
Warning yard signs are certainly not limited to dogs and burglars. Check out these “attack chickens” hard at work protecting their yard. Custom design a warning sign for your own humorous guards and add a little humor with your warning.

Wedding Picture Sign
Adding humor to your event is also a great way to get people to really enjoy themselves. Take this funny wedding yard sign, for example. This lighthearted couple really broke the ice for their guests, and I’m sure finished the wedding with some pretty memorable stories.

Restaurant Service Sign
Yard sign materials, like aluminum and corrugated plastic, can be used for more than just sticking in the yard. While the ordering process is the same, these signs can also be used to hang around the office. Like this restaurant sign that really breaks down the service industry for customers.

Cheating Husband Sign
Do think yard signs are limited to business signs and bandit real estate signs, some very funny yard signs are also used to make public announcements. Like the announcement of a cheating husband. Although you probably don’t want to dish out all your dirty laundry, a large yard sign is great way to drive your message and make a statement.

Yard Sale Sign
If not the most notorious form of yard signs, yard sale signs are a familiar form of signage that decorates most neighborhoods. A funny yard sale sign is like creating a business opportunity. I’m sure the sly humor in this sign worked to really boost sales as inquisitive shoppers hurried to see just what was going on and going out.

Neuter Sign
If you want to add a yard sign as decoration and just simple humor, this is a great example. This sign plays on fun and the design makes it a great accent for a decorative lawn sign or garden sign. Custom yards signs let you really lead with your creativity to create a sign that shows your personality and fits your theme.
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