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Bumper Magnets Show Your Personality

Bumper magnets are a unique way to personalize your car, truck, van or SUV. With full-color, custom bumper magnets from, you can advertise your message, show support for a cause, or brighten other motorists’ day with a funny saying. Bumper magnets can be taken on and off as needed, so you can change them out depending on your mood, or switch them from one vehicle to another. Using bumper magnets gets attention as you drive down the road. Just remember—bumper magnets can only be used on metal surfaces, so if your actual bumper is plastic, you should place your bumper magnets higher up on the vehicle! is your source for one-of-a-kind magnetic bumper stickers.

Magnetic Bumper Stickers Hold Strong To Metal

Magnetic bumper stickers are produced using a superior-quality 30 mil material. These .036-thick magnetic bumper stickers can be placed on any flat, smooth metal surface. Magnetic bumper stickers will not hold to plastic, aluminum or fiberglass bumpers. As a courtesy, we round the corners of magnetic bumper stickers to prevent them from catching air and flying off your vehicle while in motion. You can order magnetic banners in any size that you need, so measure your vehicle and select a custom size that will fit perfectly. Every week or so, remove your magnetic bumper stickers for cleaning and inspection. Always make sure your vehicle is clean before adding magnetic car banners to it. Following these instructions will ensure the long life of your bumper sticker magnets.

Bumper Sticker Magnets Include Free Customization

Bumper sticker magnets from are completely-customizable. We offer a variety of professionally-designed, fully-editable templates for bumper sticker magnets, or you can upload your own unique design. Customization is free, so get inspired and create unique bumper sticker magnets that stand out. Our easy online designer lets you personalize bumper sticker magnets with custom text, a unique color scheme, and upload images and logos. We print in full color, which means your bumper sticker magnets will look bold and eye-catching. Other drivers who ordered a standard, generic design from another company will be quite jealous of your fully-custom bumper sticker magnets. At, it’s easy to create bumper sticker magnets.

Bumper magnets are a great way to personalize your vehicle. Our full-color magnetic bumper stickers stand out and look unique. Order bumper sticker magnets today!

Bumper Magnets
SIZE (H x W):
10 in. x 20 in.
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