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 - March 2, 2012
Signazon is the perfect fit for our fledgling business. They had expert design staff that knew axactly what I was shooting for on the banner. It "pops"!! I am so happy that I took a chance with them.The delivery was fast and the banner was afordable. Can't wait for the next order to arrive. Thank you Sinazon.
tedelker, OTTUMWA, IA
 - February 29, 2012
Honestly, the personal service was as good as the product. We are a small church and wanted to try a professional vinyl banner supplier. I stumbled upon Signazon on the Internet and because I use to live in Tennessee and they had FREE shipping, we decided to give them a try. What a suprise when they actually answered the phone and walked me through the problem I was having with uploading and even called back to see how the product was. That is TRUE customer service. Everyone has always been so kind! Have ordered 3 or 4 times and are preparing more to submit. A+++ service! Thanks.
DallasDogLife, Dallas, TX
 - February 29, 2012
I had a very last minute need for a vinyl banner for an event I was having on a Friday. I called around and was quoted extremely high prices for a 1-day turnaround. I finally called Signazon and even with the Rush order charge, the price was significantly lower than anywhere else. I picked up my banner at their shop the next day. They did a great job and I was very pleased with the sign. Will definitely use their services again.
shanika00, Malden, MA
 - February 27, 2012
I am pleased to say I am fully satisfied with the product!! It arried earlier than expected and in a well put package! The quality of the product is impecable and it looks amazing. I will not hesitate to order in the near future. I have to honestly say the website is easy to manuver and very conveniently organized! I loved it! Thank you for such a great customer service and amazing quality of product. With a signazon poster by my side!!! :-) You can finally say I am a happy customer satisfied!
leesey, Plymouth, MA
 - February 16, 2012
We used this company to make signs for our local city election. I called the company a few times just to ask some general questions and I got good customer service. They were friendly and knew what they were talking about. The order was shipped fast. The quality was great when we got the signs. I was really impressed with how easy the whole process was. I am not very computer savy, when it comes to signs and design. So I was really glad that I used Signazon. They were great!
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Custom banners done right, Signazon does not cut corners.

Signazon at all times maintains the best price while maintaining high quality on our materials as well as our printing methods. We print on high quality 13 oz super smooth block out vinyl banner with scrim for over 200,000 businesses nationwide. Scrim means that material means it contains fabric fibers to keep it super strong for outdoor use for great wind resistance. 

Make sure to click on the outdoor option if you are placing the banner outside. With the outdoor option we will reinforce the edge to make sure it can take the stresses when held between 2 ropes or bungees.

Have no worries when ordering here at signazon as your banner will be printed with the latest in printing technologies and today that means high quality satin latex inks. The result will be that your custom image that you designed or chose from the 1,000's of available templates we have will be highly vibrant with outstanding color.

Why choose a Signazon Banner?

Simple, quality. Many of our competitors like to cut corners and print with subpar quality materials. Without a Signazon banner, you may get material that does not contain scrim or is cheaply made and just does not last. We pride ourselves with always supplying the best at the best price. If you ever run into issues, just call our outstanding customer service department and we will always make you happy.

Trust our thousands of 5-star reviews, giving you peace of mind that Signazon is a company you can trust with your large banner order. We always make sure it's done right the first time and every time. Stop thinking about it, you've found your banner printing company. Order or call us. We are waiting to make sure your experience is awesome!

Whether you’re promoting your business or throwing a holiday party, you can create a custom vinyl banner and order in minutes. Pick a size (custom sizes available), choose any of our finishing options including webbing, and start creating a banner that when you see it with your own eyes, you will say WOW. Choose from thousands of banner designs or upload your own file with our free, easy-to-use design tool. Add photos, business logos, brand or colors all for free in our banner designer. We work hard to make our entire process for ordering all of our products, including banners, fast and simple. 

How to Design a Custom Banner:

There are two choices when designing a banner, either design it yourself online using one of our templates. Just click on the sections above to select the right category of design that fits your needs. Once you find a template that fits your style, you will be loaded into our best of class online designer where you can make the design your own by uploading graphics as well as refining all the text you need. 

If you want to take the entire design into your own hands and design it yourself or with the assistance of a professional designer, let’s talk about that.

First off banners are big. We always recommend that order the largest size you can get away with that fits in your budget. Sometimes this is a physical issue like the size of your storefront, or a lot of the time there are size restrictions in larger cities so be sure to check your local city ordinances. Keep in mind that a lot of the ordinances are for permanent signage and banners are generally regarded as temporary signage. This means that you need to occasionally swap out the banners to difference designs to keep that temporary designation. When ordering, think about ordering more than just 1 design, plan out the year and order a design for each major event you have. Signazon generally recommends 3' x 6', they are larger than our standard economy priced 2' x 4' banner. Remember you want to sell your idea, event or business so large is key.

Once you have your size set think about the imagery, wording and color. You want imagery that will draw attention and this means human faces. As people we are automatically subconsciously forced to look at imagery if it includes a human face. This is an absolute key aspect to any effect design. Next comes wording. Do not put your life story or your entire business message on your print, this is the #1 mistake that we see designers making. Be simple and short. Think about how companies like Nike and Apple present their messages to their customers. Focus on a clear core message that will grab attention. Finally color. This is important as it needs to contrast with the environment. If the banner is going on a red brick building, do not choose to print a red banner. Choose a complementary color to the environment color then choose complementary colors for your core design elements and of course always take care of your primary brand colors. In speaking about brand colors take note that you do not have to use them to create an outstanding design. Great brands have alternate color choices when designing with the logo. This gives a lot of flexibility when trying to create impactful design. For instance, Signazon primary color is a soft teal blue, but you will see our logo in white and sometimes in pure black, you also will sometimes see just our signazon S as iconography. For more details check out our design articles on Signazon and throughout the web.

The Signazon Difference

Since 2008, Signazon has been committed to providing simply the best in printing. There’s a reason that we’ve been the company of choice to create thousands of custom banners for businesses big and small across the U.S.

It’s not just that we print faster than the other guys. It’s not just that we’re more affordable than the other guys. It’s even not just that we use the latest technology to ensure that a fast, affordable print job still retains high-resolution quality

Businesses trust Signazon for their custom banners because we know that every step of the process—from listening to your vision to planning your design to printing the final piece—is about your success. We succeed when you succeed.

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