Tips About Church Banners
Church Banners Overview

Church banners can be made for special worship services and religious events, or even just to bring joy and peace to the congregation. Whether you are decorating a church, a temple, a sanctuary, or even your home, beautiful, decorative church vinyl banners show your devotion and inspire others to do the same. When you make church banners to display in your sanctuary, you are bringing color and excitement to blank walls and stages. Custom church banners are the perfect way to display religious, spiritual, or inspirational messages that challenge your members and strengthen their faith. offers a wide variety of church banners, including Advent banners, Bible Banners, Christian banners, Christmas banners, Easter banners, First Communion banners, Jewish banners, praise banners, worship banners, and youth banners.

Advent Banners

As the Christian church prepares for the Christmas season, Advent banners are often used to mark each week leading up until the birth of Christ. These Christian Christmas banners generally feature a purple background (the color of royalty), as well as candles that signify each week. Christmas church banners welcome your congregation and also new visitors during the holiday season.

Bible Banners

Using Bible banners at your church reinforces the importance of scripture. In your sanctuary, as well as around your church, displaying scripture banners helps your congregation reflect on important verses and even memorize them. All of your ministry banners should feature a theme scripture that identifies what the ministry is about.

Christian Banners

Many churches use banners as a visual aid in their services and to help attendees find a deeper connection with God during the service. Christian banners come in a variety of different styles, including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and even Catholic church banners. They display many different messages, from the names of God to scripture passages. Many Christians believe that references made in the Bible regarding colors, symbol, and even banners themselves are direct indications of their beneficial nature in the Christian church. Psalm 20:5 says: "We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God." For many, this scripture and others like it are enough to remind them of the importance of Christian church banners in worship.

Christmas Banners

Christmas banners commemorate the birth of Jesus as well as the season of Advent. Custom Xmas banners for churches can be used to announce upcoming services or masses, promote special charity drives, or even just to spread peace and love during the holiday season. Personalize Merry Christmas banners with custom Bible verses and special images of the star of Bethlehem, the nativity scene, or a heavenly host of angels.

Easter Banners

Easter is another important time in the church that is filled with activity. From Palm Sunday to Ash Wednesday and of course Easter Sunday itself, your church will likely need to display Easter banners to keep your members informed of what’s going on. Happy Easter banners tell the world that He is risen. Make sure everyone has heard the good news with Easter church banners.

First Communion Banners

First Communion banners are a very important part of such a sacred and holy undertaking. At, you can help your child design their own Holy Communion banners and baptism banners. We can help you remember this beautiful and meaningful occasion with a one-of-a-kind banner that will stand the test of time.

Jewish Banners has solutions for all kinds of churches, including temple banners. Hang Jewish banners outside your temple to welcome the congregation, or display them inside to enrich your service. Bar Mitzvah banners also celebrate an exciting and important time in a young Jewish child’s life.

Praise Banners

Praise banners are the perfect outward expression of the personal serenity that abounds when one has found their purpose in life. No matter what religion you follow, you can use beautifully-adorned religious banners to convey your love, joy and devotion to the faith. Church praise banners are a must-have for any congregation, as they help your audience connect with God on a deeper level.

Worship Banners

No matter what kind of church, synagogue, or temple you attend, expressing your love and gratitude towards God with is very important, and worship banners are a great way to do just this. Using praise and worship banners to thank God for His blessings can deepen the faith of your congregation. Get creative and personalize church worship banners that will resonate with your members.

Youth Banners

As students attend youth group, they are at a very formative time in their lives. Youth banners show teenagers that they are loved and affirmed. Displaying youth ministry banners outside your church attracts new members who are looking for a place to which they can belong. Connecting with youth can be difficult, but you’ll never reach them if you don’t use youth group banners to get their attention.

Displaying custom church banners inside your sanctuary and outdoor church banners around your facility will affirm your congregation and enhance your worship experience. When ordering church banners, get creative and encourage your members to get involved with the process. Why not have a contest between the members of your church to design the most-original, most-inspiring church banner? Let the youth group design their own vinyl church banners depicting what God means to them—after all, they are the future of your church. A relationship with God is an individual experience for everyone, so why not put that sense of companionship, adoration and personal love for God into your house of worship? Most church visitors want to feel like a part of something. Let your church community show the world how they feel about God by designing church banners to worship Him.
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