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Car Magnets Overview

When most people think of businesses that use magnetic signs, they think of a limited category of mobile tradesmen and delivery services. While people in these professions have much to gain from the use of car magnets, they are certainly not the only ones who can benefit from this affordable, effective marketing medium. The vast majority of businesses could see amazing results by employing car door magnets as part of their overall advertising strategy.

Think about the benefits of having flexible, inexpensive, high-visibility magnetic car signs working for you whenever and wherever you need them. Using cheap, custom magnets adds name and logo recognition to your company, which can ultimately lead to an increase in brand awareness, new clients and even a boost in sales.

Instead of being just a local shop or delivery service amongst thousands of others on the street, custom made magnets will ensure that you become “the one we saw something about.” Simply having seen your name and/or image once or twice on vehicle magnets will increase your business’s credibility in the mind of a potential customer. Those who are considering your products and/or services will know that they have heard of or seen your name before (on your magnetic vehicle signs), which fosters an immediate trust between your business and the potential client.

One of the most important things when advertising a business is looking qualified, honest, and dependable. Professional-looking auto magnets that are well-maintained encourage a customer to believe in your capabilities and your company as a whole. If your magnet signs look old and abused, it’s time to invest in a new set.

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to examine possible uses for magnets. If you’re looking to branch out and find new mediums for advertising a business, you’ve come to the right place.

Business Magnets

Business magnets are a smart choice for local companies that retain new business by their ability to stay mobile. Not only do these types of businesses receive attention from the general name recognition that their magnetic business signs provide, but they also get last-minute emergency requests for their services during special events. The types of small businesses that absolutely need business car magnets include contractors, landscapers, plumbers, cleaning services, cable technicians, electricians, gardeners, and repairmen, to name a few. The success of all of these businesses depends on their mobility, as well as their ability to respond quickly to a request. Thus, it makes perfect sense to extend these businesses’ marketing efforts to the focal point of their company’s mobility—the fleet vehicles!

Truck Magnets

Within the scope of industries that typically use business magnets for trucks, homebuilders and maintenance services such as roofers, electricians, and house painters are always in demand. Professional, well-designed truck magnets are the best way to stand out in a sea of competition. With these services, in particular, time is of the essence. Customers and employers often need help with construction, roofing, electrical work, and painting projects without providing much notice. Your business could be the one chosen when a prospective customer sees your custom truck magnets!

Another key advantage of magnetic truck signs is that they add credibility to your work vehicles. When working on a secure job-site or other important location, it’s essential that your fleet can clearly be identified as part of your company. Not only do truck magnetic signs show that you have the authority to enter a job-site, they also provide constant advertising in direction connection and proximity to your quality work. To retain clients and reach new ones, constant brand awareness is key—using magnetic signs for trucks reminds your customer that he/she has made the right decision by choosing your business.

DOT Magnets

Another important part of running a business with a truck fleet is to identify any important licensing and DOT numbers. Using DOT magnets clearly shows appropriate documentation, which not only keeps your fleet legally-compliant but also boosts your business’s credibility with new clients. From a construction site to a shipping warehouse, job-sites can be busy, crowded places, so make sure your vehicles display DOT magnetic signs at all times to reduce confusion. Magnetic DOT signs are simple and effective, but remember to check with your DOT office to make sure you can legally use a removable material on your vehicle to identify the DOT number, as some states require the notification to be permanent.

Large Car Magnets

Household service businesses are normally called on with little or no time to spare, which is what makes large car magnets so instrumental to the small business owners who use them! Often times, a prospective customer calls the first business they can find to assist with their needs. From plumbers and carpet cleaners to pool maintenance companies and landscaping businesses, there are countless organizations with large commercial vehicles that can display big car magnets. With colorful, well-designed large vehicle magnets, yours may be the first business a customer ever sees and calls, and the only one they ever use.

Political Magnets

When an individual gets excited about a candidate, they want to express their enthusiasm. Show support for your favorite candidate with political magnets! One of the most-effective ways to campaign is by gathering endorsements from others. Run a clean, positive campaign in your neighborhood, town, city or state by letting the people have a chance to show that they believe in you. Members of your community should feel like they’re a part of something important, and they can be with political car magnets. Putting these campaign magnets on the sides of cars will be beneficial for your campaign and give the people a voice!

Real Estate Car Magnets

What are buyers looking for in a real estate agent? They want someone familiar who they recognize as a trustworthy, experienced representative. How do you cultivate those feelings in a first-time client? With all of the real estate advertising that they see around town before actually deciding to work with you! Everyone uses yard signs—why not stand out from the competition by using real estate car magnets? First impressions are everything, and the first time you meet a client face-to-face, they should already see you as capable and professional. If they’ve already seen your realtor car magnets around town, you’ve already made an impression. From Century 21 to REMAX car magnets, this is a unique way to promote your agency that goes where you go.

Delivery Car Signs

Small retail shops and restaurants need all of the cheap advertising they can get. In a world of generic name brands and unlimited options, consumers are just as likely to buy the same brand of toothpaste as they do toilet paper. That’s why, at, we’re committed to showing you ways to advertise the unique small businesses that keep the world from turning into one giant superstore. One way of doing this is by utilizing advertising tools that bigger stores might overlook, such as delivery car signs. For a small retail store or salon, like a florist, dog groomer, hair dresser, bicycle repair shop, butcher, baker, or bistro, consistent advertising in the community you serve can bring you new business and remind past patrons that they should walk a block out of their way to come and see you. You want repetitive, loyal business, so being consistent and loyal about advertising in your neighborhood with magnetic delivery signs will bring you just that. Delivery vehicle magnets are the perfect solution for small businesses—employees can use their own cars when they’re on the clock, advertising your business all over town. Once the shift is over, employees can simply remove the delivery magnets and save them for the next day.

Bumper Magnets

Want to give your vehicle some personality without adding something permanent? Bumper magnets are the perfect solution. Whether you’re an individual consumer with a lot to say or you’re looking to advertise a business affordably, magnetic bumper stickers look unique and get attention without requiring a large investment. Tastes and trends change, so forget the old-school adhesive stickers that can’t be removed without damaging your vehicle. Bumper sticker magnets get your vehicle noticed!

Reflective Magnets

Do your business hours extend through the night? If so, make sure to use reflective magnets on all your vehicles. When a headlight or street light hits the surface of your reflective magnetic signs, your message will be illuminated for all to see. New customers and clients could see your message anywhere, at any time, so this simply expands their opportunity to encounter your business. One important tip when using reflective car magnets is to focus your design on lighter colors, as these reflect light better than darker colors, which absorb light.

We’ve just examined, in detail, one of the cheapest, easiest forms of business promotion available. Not only will advertising with car magnets make your business look more professional, but it will plant a seed of curiosity regarding your products/services into the brain of everyone who sees your message. Ready to order magnetic signs? Get started now!
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