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Political Signs Overview

When running for political office, first impressions are extremely important. Most voters can determine their feelings about a political candidate after watching him or her speak for only a few moments. The same idea applies to using customized political signs to advertise a candidate, political party, or specific cause right on your very own lawn. Whether you’re campaigning to be a sheriff, a judge, a member of the city council, a senator, or even the President of the United States, well-designed campaign signs build name recognition that can lead to a victory on Election Day. Here you will learn how to create election signs that stand out and get attention. First let’s identify some of the great products you can use to promote your campaign.

Political Banners

The best reason to use campaign banners is to make a big statement without spending a fortune. Political banners are large and noticeable, plus they’re easily-mobile and can be taken with you on the campaign trail. Odds are you’ll be delivering speeches or participating in debates at some point leading up to the election, so use podium banners to create a professional look and reinforce your name in the minds of voters.

Political Magnets

With political magnets, you are able to build awareness of your campaign as you travel around town, the state or even the country. Political car magnets keep your “brand” in the forefront and get lots of attention wherever they are seen. You can even distribute campaign magnets to loyal supporters—think of them as a modern-day bumper sticker that can easily be removed once election season has ended.

Political Stickers

If you’re looking to spread your campaign far and wide, political stickers are a versatile product that can be displayed almost anywhere. Hand out campaign stickers at political rallies and press events—make sure to keep your design simple, possibly with just your name and the year in which you are running. Political bumper stickers can be placed on cars, doors, walls, and more.

Political Yard Signs

If you are going to invest in any type of political signage, this should be it. Campaign yard signs are a must-have for every aspiring candidate, at the very least because all of your competitors will be using them. Your supporters, from families to businesses, can display political yard signs in front of their home or business, and they can also be placed around town so your name will be recognized by voters and remembered when it comes time to cast their ballot. Add a photo to your campaign lawn signs to make your message more personal.

What's the Purpose Behind Political Signs?

The main purpose behind a campaign sign is building name recognition. Other important reasons to use political election signs include getting out the vote, and intimidating an opponent, but the main goal is getting voters to remember your name when they step into the polling booth. If you’re running for a local election, keep in mind you face a lot of competition with your signage, both from actual opponents and candidates for other offices. Thus, it’s important to remember quantity, quantity, quantity. Make voters take notice of you so that they will be ready to support you on Election Day.

Can Political Signs Really Get People To Vote?

Yes, they can. When designed correctly, a political campaign banner or campaign yard sign can be an incredibly-effective tool. The placement of your political campaign signage plus the reiteration of seeing it again and again raises awareness of your campaign in the voting community and reinforces your position as a candidate. Adding political signs to an area in which the candidate is already well-received can boost your campaign’s ability to “get out the vote.”

What Makes a Political Yard Sign Effective?

The effectiveness of the best political signs, no matter how great they may look, depends on three things: timing, aim, and management.

  1. Timing–Building name recognition isn’t easy and it takes time, so unless there is a strategic or financial reason for postponing the placement of election signs, they should be displayed as soon as legally possible. Each city, town, and district often has different regulations, so do some research to find out the earliest possible date to start promoting your campaign with political signs.

  2. Aim–Set achievable goals and aim well with your campaign. Know the outline of your district and stick to it. Look for high-traffic areas and storefronts where you could possibly display your campaign signs and banners. Be prepared for your political election yard signs to go missing due to weather, vandalism, etc. Have the infrastructure in place (volunteers, backup signage, etc.) to restore your election yard signs if and when they disappear.

  3. Management–Whether you have a campaign manager or you’re doing it on your own, someone will need to coordinate a team of friends, family members, or volunteers effectively. Have them search out new places that your political campaign signs can be displayed, like residences or storefronts. Going door-to-door to ask people if you can display your campaign election signs in their yard or store could even be an effective way to get the word out about your cause and improve the overall goal of name recognition.

The 5 Most Important Elements of Political Sign Design

When designing your own political campaign sign, focus on the content, material, color, graphics, and size. Time is of the essence—in just a few words, your political sign must define 1) who the candidate is and 2) the office for which they are running, in an attractive manner that compels the viewer to take action and vote. Political sign advertising is common but not always effective. At, we’re here to show you how to create cheap political signs that look amazing, make a point, and get your candidate elected.

    Political Sign Content
  1. Content–You will only have four to seven seconds of your viewer’s attention before they lose interest, so the key to writing great political sign content is to stand out quickly. Focus on just a few words (i.e. “Re-Elect Jones” or “Smith for Congressman”); any more than three will likely cause your message to get lost in the sea of other campaign advertisements. Short, memorable phrases like “Vote for Brown,” “Work for Change,” or even just the candidate’s name and website work best. Above all else, your political election sign should highlight the name of the candidate and the office they are seeking.

  2. Political Sign Color
  3. Color–Voters simply will not notice understated signs. What makes a viewer look twice is contrasting colors that are easy on the eye. Having dark text on a light background, or light text on a dark background adds depth and improves readability. Contrast doesn’t necessarily mean garish neon colors, however. Your design can be elegant and bold at the same time. The best color combinations for political signs are red & white, blue & white, green & white, black & white, black & yellow, or red, white, & blue. If possible, match your political campaign signs to your other marketing efforts, (pamphlets, buttons, commercials, etc.), as part of campaigning involves creating a memorable, consistent “brand” that voters will remember.

  4. Political Sign Graphics
  5. Graphics–The graphic elements of your political election signs include the layout of the message, colors, lettering, and shapes. Think about what colors symbolize to voters. For instance, blue is often associated with the Democratic party, whereas red is the common choice for Republicans. If you’re making campaign signs for a candidate who will appeal to more-conservative voters, is blue the best choice? Probably not. Research the demographic you want to attract and find out what colors, symbols and lettering will appeal to them. Not taking the time to think this through is a costly mistake—not only will your signs be ineffective, your candidate may not be successful.

  6. Political Sign Size
  7. Size–Where will your political signs be displayed? For high-quantity political yard signs, the standard size is 18x24 inches. This is large enough to be seen from a close distance and affordable enough to buy in bulk. Larger political signs that will be displayed on lawns or by busy freeways and highways are usually about 4x8 feet. For political banners, 2x4 feet is a common, affordable size,’s Letter Height Visibility Chart can help you learn how to size your sign and how large the lettering should be.

  8. Political Sign Material
  9. Material–The material on which you print political signs is also an important factor in their effectiveness. Why? Weather conditions are often as unpredictable as they are harsh, thus your signs need to be able to withstand a variety of circumstances. The easiest solution to a potential weather issue is to use durable materials like corrugated plastic for yard signs and vinyl for banners. These materials will produce good-looking, cheap political signs or banners—they offer the perfect combination of an affordable price and weather durability.

Designing effective political signs doesn’t have to be a challenge. You now have all of the tools to market yourself and your campaign in a way that is both time- and cost-efficient. Whether you’re running for the student council or the U.S. Presidency, the simple fact is this: political campaign signs work, if you know how to use them.
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