EZ Stick Decals Care Instructions
Thank you for your recent purchase of EZ Stick Fabric or EZ Stick Vinyl from Signazon.com! We’d like to provide you with a few simple guidelines and installation instructions to help ensure your EZ Stick decal remains beautiful and reusable for years to come.

ez stick install supplies
Tools Needed:

Glass cleaner, squeegee, paper towels, 2+ people for larger decals.


Using glass cleaner, clean windows thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion. Read through installation instructions carefully.

Install EZ Stick Step 1
Step 1

Lay EZ Stick decal, printed side down, on a clean, flat surface. Start from the top and fold down the backing paper, exposing 1” of the adhesive.

Install EZ Stick step 2
Step 2

Once you have decided where to install your EZ Stick decal, place the exposed adhesive against the surface.

Install EZ Stick step 3
Step 3

Pull away the backing paper, one small section at a time, and apply the decal to the surface, using a squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles or air pockets.

Install EZ Stick step 4
Step 4

Once the entire decal is applied, squeegee over the entire piece from the center out to remove any remaining air bubbles.

Install EZ Stick step 5
Step 5

Removing and repositioning your decal is easy. To remove your EZ Stick decal, simply peel it off without letting the material touch itself. EZ-Stick fabric and EZ Stick Vinyl are designed to be reused, repositioned, and removed hundreds of times without losing their adhesive, stretching out, or damaging the surface on which they are installed.

Caring for EZ Stick Decals:

EZ Stick installed
  • To guard against dirt buildup, remove the decal every two weeks to inspect.
  • Clean the application surface whenever you remove the decal to inspect.
  • EZ Stick decals should be stored on the wax paper backing on which they are delivered.

Storing EZ Stick

We recommend saving the backing on which your decal is delivered. Also, if you received your sign in a tube, save this as well to protect the decal against damage and folding. If you did not save the liner and tube, you can place your decal on wax paper and roll around any large tube, graphics facing outward, to prevent creases.

Cleaning EZ Stick

Use a clean, damp, lint-free cloth to gently rub the affected areas. Do not scrub the affected areas, as this can lead to damage to the material as well as the image. Do not immerse in water or use cleaning products as these can damage the material as well.
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