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Is Static Cling for me?
Static Cling has no adhesive, so it clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal. It is removable and reusable, with no residue left behind. This makes Static Cling ideal for temporary, seasonal or sale advertising. When not in use, store Static Cling on its protective backing.

Static-Cling doesn’t require adhesive to attach to your window. Because of this, it can be pulled back, straightened out, and adjusted during the application process.

Static Cling comes standard as a white material, however Clear Static Cling is also an option. Clear Static Cling has a transparent background that fades away when installed.

Add the “Inside Glass” option to Static Cling so that it can be installed inside your window facing outward. This is highly-recommended since the material has no adhesive. Die-cutting is easy with Vinyl Static Cling for custom-shaped signs, and we can even produce “Double-Sided” window clings.

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