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Frosted Glass Decals
Frosted Glass Decals
Etched Glass Film
SIZE (H x W):
12 in. x 18 in.

Frosted Glass Decals Make Your Business Look Refined

Frosted glass decals give your storefront, office or home a stylish, modern makeover. With’s custom frosted glass decals, you can promote your business and list important information while still maintaining an attractive, professional storefront. Bright colors and bold fonts don’t work for every business, so if your target market is more-upscale, attract them with sophisticated frosted glass decals. In addition, for large businesses with multiple offices, frosted glass decals are the perfect way to identify who works where. If privacy is important, use frosted glass decals to prevent visibility but keep light passing through the window or door. Your business makes a strong impression when you cover windows and doors with frosted glass films.

Frosted Glass Films Customized For Your Windows (and Budget!)

Frosted glass films achieve the look of etched or sandblasted glass without incurring the high price. At, frosted glass films can be ordered in any size and quantity you need, so find the perfect combination to fit your budget. Creating custom-designed frosted glass films is free; use our easy online designer and fully-customizable templates to write a unique message. If you’d like to produce your business logo using frosted glass films, make sure to upload a solid-colored vector file with a cut line in place, if possible, to ensure the best result. Frosted glass films are great for displaying the name of your business, listing your store hours and providing contact information. You can also use frosted glass signs to identify offices with the employee to whom they belong, as well as their title or position. From retail advertising to in-office logistics, there are plenty of ways to use frosted glass vinyl.

Frosted Glass Vinyl: No Printing, Just Cutting

Frosted glass vinyl requires no printing. Generally, frosted glass vinyl is simple text, logos and designs that are cut from an adhesive silver material that looks similar to actual etching when installed on glass. Another great option for frosted glass signage is the Frosted Background. With this selection, you will receive a full panel of frosted glass vinyl. Any design elements you’ve added will be cut away from (or knocked out of) the frosted glass vinyl. If privacy is important to you, choose frosted glass vinyl with a background. The material comes standard with a self-adhesive backing, however if you select Inside Glass, you will receive front-adhesive frosted glass vinyl.

Frosted glass decals are an elegant material for covering windows and glass doors. Our high-quality frosted glass films look expensive without actually being so. We produce and ship frosted glass vinyl quickly, so order now!

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