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    Holiday Cards Great For Any Affair

    Holiday cards are a year-round product. Over the course of a year, there are countless holidays perfect for holiday cards whether official government, religious, or personal holidays. Holiday card ideas are endless and can become even more when you make your own holiday cards. By choosing from a vast amount of templates or starting from scratch with your own unique idea your holiday card messages might just transcend the whole holiday you are writing the card for. Holidays are not just set days of the year, any day could be a holiday. Happy Holidays cards and Christmas holiday cards are the most popular but the opportunities do not stop there. Create holiday photo cards with family and friends highlighted for the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or even Easter. The possibilities are endless when designing personalized holiday cards for any and all occasions. Be ready for that special occasion with Signazon.com’s free holiday cards templates.

    Free Holiday Cards Templates Crafted To Celebrate

    Free holiday cards templates are available with ease with Signazon.com’s help. Free holiday cards templates are waiting to be customized to whatever specific needs or events you need them for. Our free holiday cards templates that can get the ball rolling on your holiday card ideas. The template can be adjusted in all aspects. The text, its size and font, can be changed to fit the tone of the holiday. The imagery can show famous holiday images. You can even add your family in to mix the two into holiday photo cards. The boundaries of store bought cards are no more. You have escaped into the imagination within your own mind. The cute and funny holiday card messages are now yours, even if you have to use one of the free holiday cards templates. Don’t worry! We won’t tell your family and friends; we’re here to provide you with the inspiration. Holiday card messages are supposed to come from the heart, but if you get inspired by our free holiday cards templates, and create the best personalized holiday cards for your special day. Celebrate with Signazon.com’s custom holiday cards.

    Custom Holiday Cards When You Need Them

    Custom holiday cards can be quickly designed, order, and delivered without the stress and hassle of going to the store and picking through hundreds of boring choices. Custom holiday cards messages and imagery is up to you. Signazon.com prints custom holiday cards on 14pt Cover or Recycled Cover, and the cards are bi-folded. To protect the card as it is handed from person to person, you have the option of "UV Gloss Finishing" when ordering 14pt Cover. This will ensure that the design you worked hard on stays intact. Personalized, custom holiday cards allow you to make your own holiday card messages and images. Custom holiday cards are more unique than store-bought cards. Order cheap holiday cards from Signazon.com that fit your budget. Signazon.com can help you deliver great messages with custom holiday cards.

    Holiday cards from Signazon.com are an added benefit to celebrating the holidays. Free holiday cards templates can be the catalyst for a great customized idea. In just 3-5 days you can have custom holiday cards at your doorstep.
  • File Support

    Accepted Files:
    Vector-based file(.PS, .EPS, or PDF - Recommended)
    Vector-based Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or Photoshop (.PSD) with the pdf option enabled
    Vector-based files are required for all exact die-cut products

    Raster .PNG with transparent background
    .JPG, .TIF, .GIF, .BMP, .DOCX/DOC (Word), .PUB, .XPS
    File Size:
    Files should be no greater than 350MB in size.
    All files should be designed to the final trim size plus 0.25” bleed on each side. Do not use any crop or printer’s marks – they will increase the dimensions of your design file.
    We recommend all files be submitted in CMYK format. Files submitted in RGB will be converted to CMYK before printing – this may result in minor color shifting.
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    Step 1: Choose your Product.

    To get started, select the product that best fits your needs. Not sure what’s right for you? We can help! Call us at 1.800.518.1217.
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    Upload your own file to get started, or create your own online with our free design tool and fully-customizable templates.
    Step 3: Check Out.

    That’s it! Ordering from Signazon is quick and easy. Our standard production time is 3-4 business days.
Holiday Cards
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