5 Great Ways To Promote New Merchandise
Marketing New Products
New products are an important part of every business, and if you’ve recently received this season’s line, you’re probably wondering how to promote new merchandise and get customers in your store. When your store receives a shipment of new inventory, it’s essential that customers know. Building excitement and anticipation before a new product launch is great publicity for your store, so identify potential “hot sellers” that you want to promote. You never know where customers may be, so here are a variety of great resources to use when marketing a new product:

1. "Snail Mail"

There’s still a strong market for direct mail advertising. Ask loyal customers to sign up for a mailing list. You can use this method to market new products, provide special offers, or even just to check-in with customers periodically and encourage them to visit your store. Customers like to feel that they are special, so by mailing them a VIP invitation to a new product launch, you’ll see a great response and build loyalty. Creating a sense of exclusivity makes your product seem more special and encourages customers to find out more about it.

2. E-mail/Website

A well-designed website and email strategy is crucial for most businesses to succeed in today’s technologically-advanced market. Even if you’re not an “e-commerce” company, think of your website as a useful resource for customers. This includes giving them a glimpse into what you have in the works. Tease them with information about the development of new products—it’s okay if all the details aren’t finalized yet. Think of how a movie trailer builds excitement for an upcoming blockbuster. Use your site and your email to give customers a countdown to your new product. They need to know when they can have it in-hand.

3. Print Media

When your products are ready for sale, it’s time for a marketing blast. Advertising in the newspapers, local magazines, etc., is one of the best new product marketing strategies because you’ll catch the attention customers right away and encourage immediate action. This will cost some money, but you’ll only need to promote this strong for a short period of time during your product launch. Bargain shoppers scour these mediums looking for great deals, so have a short-term sale on your new product to get people in the store.

4. On-Site Promotion

New Product Marketing
Walk-in customers offer plenty of potential, so creating an attractive storefront is a great way to catch the attention of passers-by and drive in-store traffic. Use storefront windows to show window-shoppers what your business has to offer. Vinyl decals, window clings or full-size store window graphics like One-Way Vision will get attention from afar. Using on-site advertising also helps customers connect your off-site promotions to your actual physical location. Store traffic is pointless if those customers don’t convert, so feature your new product promotion with advertising yard signs leading up to your entrance, as well as in-store retail displays. Use large posters, wall graphics or even large advertising banners to show shoppers where they can find your hot new item(s).

5. Social Media/Word-of-Mouth

These days, most businesses have social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. How effectively are you using your profiles, however? Social media is a great resource for connecting with customers one-on-one. Let them know that you’re launching new products, and encourage them to share this information with friends. Sharing is one of the best advantages offered by social media, as “word-of-mouth” marketing requires just a simple click or two. When customers are using your product, encourage them to post pictures, reviews, etc. Increasing brand interaction not only builds loyalty but it also increases the exposure your brand and your products have with potential new customers.

To achieve the best results with your new product launch, you’ll likely want to incorporate a variety of these tactics. Always keep in mind, your product is only a big deal if you make it a big deal, so get the word out with window signs, targeted advertisements and great offers. Now that you know how to market, launch and sell a new product, you’ll have a best-seller in no time!
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