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Magnetic Lettering Presents a Custom Message

Magnetic lettering is a unique product that you can use to display any personalized message you want on a vehicle. With’s custom magnetic lettering, you can advertise your business, celebrate a special occasion, or just get attention with a humorous or thought-provoking statement. Since car magnet lettering doesn’t have adhesive, it can be removed, repositioned and reused as needed. In addition, magnetic lettering will hold to any flat, smooth metal surface. This means that you can use magnetic lettering on any car, truck, van or SUV, as well as metal doors, machinery, appliances, etc. Magnetic lettering stands out and gets attention wherever it is displayed, from a car that’s for sale to your refrigerator at home. is your source for car magnet letters and other magnetic sign letters.

Magnetic Sign Letters In Any Color (Or Multi-Color)

Magnetic sign letters can be printed in any color you’d like, or in multiple colors. uses full-color digital printing, so there’s no extra charge for purchasing magnetic sign letters that use multiple colors. Use our easy online design tool and our free templates to create your magnetic sign letters. Customize your message, your color and your font choice (bold and simple is the easiest to cut and to read), and then you’re ready to order vinyl magnetic letters. Remember, since magnetic sign letters are cut out completely, you will receive separate letters as opposed to a solid piece—any background color in your design will be cut away.’s magnetic sign letters look professional and high-quality, as we use superior printing and materials. We make it easy to order custom magnetic car letters.

Magnetic Car Letters For Slow-Moving Vehicles or Stationary Objects

Magnetic car letters are a great product for specific purposes. If you plan to display magnetic car letters on your vehicle, keep in mind that your vehicle should be stationary or moving very slowly, like in a parade or to advertise at a car dealership. Though we produce magnetic car letters from our strong, 30 mil (0.36) magnetic material, we do not recommend using car letter magnets on your vehicle as a permanent form of advertising. The various shapes of magnetic car letters can catch air and fly off your vehicle while in-motion. In addition, letter car magnets should be at least 4-6" tall, for a couple of reasons. First, this will make your magnetic car letters easier to read from a distance, and also anything smaller will not produce a clean cut from the magnetic material. These guidelines will ensure the effectiveness and durability of your magnetic car letters.

Magnetic lettering takes advantage of advertising space on your vehicle. Though magnetic sign letters can’t be used in all situations, they’re a great choice for certain customers. If you’re one of those people, order magnetic car letters today!

Magnetic Lettering
SIZE (H x W):
10 in. x 20 in.
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