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Roll Up Checks Save Money on Shipping

Roll up checks from go where you go. Made from a unique material called Snap Board,’s roll up checks are flexible enough to be rolled up for easy transport and more-affordable shipping. With snapboard roll up checks, size and shipping will never be a problem again. These amazing roll up checks can be condensed for shipping or carrying to almost any location. This guarantees you an impressive presentation anytime and anywhere—all you need are roll up checks! is your source for fully-customizable, easily rollable checks.

Rollable Checks Are Easy to Transport

Rollable checks are the perfect choice for oversized check presentations on-the-go. Simply roll and tie the up your rollable checks, slip them into a bag and you’re ready to travel. The bendable, roll-up material allows rollable checks to be turned into a much smaller size and carried in a car, on a plane, or on a subway/train. Unlike traditional oversized checks, rollable checks can go wherever you can, either in a bag or simply rolled up and tied together. We can produce rollable checks in any size and quantity you need, but they’re a great choice when you want a large size such as 30x60 or 30x72. To get started, simply select your favorite template and begin customizing rolled up giant checks.

Rolled Up Giant Checks Are Customized For Your Needs

Rolled up giant checks are completely customizable. We produce rolled up giant checks using full-color printing, so add your business’s logo, as well as your recipient’s name, the check amount, the presentation date, etc. Not only can you travel with rolled up giant checks, you can also order them with our Dry Erase option for reusability. The surface of your rolled up giant checks will be covered with an erasable overlaminate. Just grab your rolled up giant checks, unroll them, and fill out the appropriate information with a standard dry-erase marker. is the industry leader in rolled up giant checks.

Roll up checks are produced quickly. Add Rush production if you need rollable checks sooner. Ordering is easy, so buy rolled up giant checks today!

Roll Up Checks
Snap Board
SIZE (H x W):
24 in. x 48 in.
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