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Political Stickers: Affordable, Effective Campaign Advertising

Political stickers from are the perfect tool for building name recognition for your candidate. Political stickers are versatile enough that they can be used almost anywhere. With political stickers, your name can be placed on car windows, business storefronts, and so much more! It's not as important where your political stickers are used, but rather that they're spread far and wide. When political stickers show around town, exposure for your campaign increases. Increased exposure from political stickers leads to more-aware and better-educated voters. In addition, political stickers on vehicles are mobile, so your message isn't static. Political stickers are viewed by new people each day. Compared advertising methods like yard signs, it's hard to beat the price per exposure of campaign stickers.

Campaign Stickers Send a Custom Message offers a range of campaign stickers. Campaign stickers can be ordered in large quantities for a wholesale price, or you can order individual custom campaign stickers with a personal message. Choose from standard-sized campaign stickers (like 2x2, 3x3, and 4x6), or create custom-sized campaign stickers. From long-lasting vinyl campaign stickers to reusable static cling campaign stickers, we have a material to fit every need and budget. All campaign stickers from are printed in full-color for no extra charge, creating campaign stickers that look professional and high-quality. To build a loyal following for your campaign, consider ordering political bumper stickers.

Political Bumper Stickers Mobilize Voters

Political bumper stickers are a great way to build camaraderie and excitement for your campaign. When ordering political bumper stickers, target key constituents and demographics that you know will be proud to show their support for your campaign. When others see the political bumper stickers, they’ll want to get involved as well, and your following increases. Thank campaign supporters by offering them political bumper stickers, or use them as a fundraising tool. Once your political bumper stickers are on cars all over town, the community will see that they stand behind your campaign, and the results on Election Day are sure to be in your favor! Just make sure to check with any local or state authorities before ordering, as sometimes there are rules and regulations regarding what can be displayed on political bumper stickers.

It's very easy to order political stickers from Customize one of our campaign stickers templates, or simply upload your own design. Your political bumper stickers can be at your campaign headquarters in as little as 1 business day!

Political Stickers
Political Stickers
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3 in. x 3 in.
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