Sign Material 411: .020 Styrene & Snap Board
Styrene. Unless you’re familiar with sign industry, you’ve probably never heard of styrene before. If that’s the case, it’s a tragedy. After all, styrene has garnered a reputation in the industry for being one of the most versatile materials for signage. And if that’s not a cincher, it’s both affordable and durable, getting you the best bang for your buck.

Here’s a quick introduction to the styrene sign materials we offer: .020 Styrene and Snap Board.

.020 Styrene

Styrene Fashion Poster
In a nutshell: .020 Styrene features great printability and is one of our most popular poster materials. Despite being thin (only .02” thick!) and lightweight, .020 Styrene is extremely durable. Unlike traditional paper, this material will not curl, crease, or tear. The material rolls up for quick, worry-free transportation and storage.

Most similar to: Poster Paper. Since it’s so thin and flexible, .020 Styrene is frequently compared to Poster Paper. Like Poster Paper, .020 Styrene is light and easy to display, fitting in many of poster accessories, such as EZ Snap Hangers. However, .020 Styrene is slightly stiffer and thicker than Poster Paper, making it less prone to damage and better for long-term displays. Any downsides? It’s a little pricier than Poster Paper, but its durability makes up for it.

Ideal for:
.020 Styrene is a great candidate for window signs, retail displays, and posters. Its durability and reusability makes it ideal for big, recurring promotions or events that take place every year or product spotlights displayed all season long.

Snap Board

Styrene Menu Board
In a nutshell: With outstanding printability, Snap Board (or .060 Styrene) is a great material for a variety of rigid signs. Snap Board is sturdy without being too thick. Less flexible than .020 Styrene, this material can still be rolled, springing back to flat without snapping in half. Larger Snap Board signs are shipped rolled to save on shipping costs.

Most similar to: 3mm PVC. Though not quite as thick as 3mm PVC, Snap Board is used in many similar applications. Snap Board boasts a smoother, brighter print surface than 3mm PVC. It’s also slight cheaper. Plus, its ability to be rolled makes it easier and more affordable to ship.

Ideal for:
Its strength and toughness makes Snap Board great for long-term or free-standing signage, such as menu boards and security signs, and tradeshow displays. Snap Board is also a popular material for oversized checks and can be used with the “Dry Erase” option.

Remember, styrene signs are a great way to help your business get more visible. With their versatility and durability, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to use these two great materials. Still have questions about our styrene signs? Give us a call and one of our sign experts will be happy to help.

Page Authored By Rick Debus

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