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Signicade Deluxe A Frames
Signicade Deluxe A Frames
SIZE (H x W):
36 in. x 24 in.
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+ 2 Signs

Signicade Deluxe A Frames Keep Your Sign Secure

Signicade Deluxe A frames offer a unique twist on the typical Signicade sign stand. With’s Signicade Deluxe A frames, you get all the benefits of a regular A frame (easy portability, visible placement, etc.) with the added bonus of increased stability. Signicade Deluxe A frames have a recessed channel within the frame to hold your sign in place, as well as tabs on either side of the frame to cover your sign and hold it in place while on display. When using Signicade Deluxe A frames, you can rest assured that your sign is safe and secure. If vandalism or weather damage is a concern, use Signicade Deluxe A frames to market your business. Whether you are looking to get attention for your restaurant’s Daily Special, you’re announcing "Help Wanted" to the job market, or you’re preparing for a big event and you need to direct guests where to park, Signicade Deluxe A frames are the perfect solution. Choose when you need slide-in A frames.

Slide-In A Frames Can Be Used With Different Types of Signs

Slide-in A frames from can be used with a variety of different sign materials. Keep in mind that slide-in A frames can be bundled with a sign material, and you have many options from which you can choose. We recommend using either Corrugated Plastic, 3MM PVC, or Ultra Metal with slide-in A frames. All of these materials can easily be inserted into the slide-in A frames, however you can use Velcro, double-sided tape, or even bolts for additional security. Your signs will need to be 36" tall by 24" wide to fit within the recessed panel of the slide-in A frames. When installing a sign into your slide-in A frames, simply slide it into the recessed section, under the front tabs, and then secure with bolts, tape, etc. if necessary. Spread each section apart and you’re ready to display advertising A frames.

Advertising A Frames Are Very User-Friendly

Advertising A frames are made from a lightweight, durable plastic. Advertising A frames made from plastic won’t rust like metal or splinter like wood. Some of the best features of our advertising A frames are the top handle which makes them easy to carry, as well as the front tabs which hold your sign secure. These advertising A frames weight just 18 lbs. without signs installed. The overall dimensions of our advertising A frames are 45"H x 25"W, however the actual sign surface is 36" x 24" on both sides. To keep your advertising A frames more-stable, use the holes at the top of the frame to fill with up to 5 lbs. of sand for ballast. is your source for high-quality advertising A frames.

Signicade Deluxe A frames enhance the usability of the regular A frame. These slide-in A frames can be used by practically any type of business or event planner. We ship fast, so order advertising A frames today!

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