Tips for Opening a Business
Grand Opening Signs
Congratulations on the formal grand opening of your new store, shop or office! knows that holding a grand opening event is the key to building awareness and interest in your local community, so we don’t just offer grand opening banners and grand opening yard signs with free design templates; we also offer many helpful grand opening tips, grand opening ideas, and tips for opening a business. This article provides store grand opening ideas to ensure that planning a grand opening event is a painless and easy process.

1. Plan your grand opening ahead-of-time.

You’ll want to allow as much as a month in advance for ordering “Now Open” products, grand opening supplies and promotional signs to make sure they arrive within your time frame. Any delays or kinks in your plans will be best worked out if there is time to do so; last-minute grand opening planning is still possible, however, as we ship Now Open banners fast. Overnight shipping is available, but this will cost more, so plan ahead if you can.

2. Cultivate business-to-business relationships for your company.

Start by contacting local schools, community organizations and Chambers of Commerce to establish a relationship. You could sponsor marketing events that need financial help—this doesn’t require a lot of money but provides you with brand recognition and exposure to potential customers and clients. With attractive grand opening signs or banners displayed at the event or with an oversized check using your logo to represent your donation, even small business like yours can become very popular. When community members see you giving back, they are more-likely to support your business.

3. Use signage on your vehicles, storefront windows, etc.

If you take advantage of these business grand opening ideas, your grand opening will be the talk of the neighborhood for days, possibly weeks as you establish a business presence in your community.
Grand opening advertising is crucial. Design vinyl lettering, magnetic signs or full rear window graphics to turn your own commercial vehicles into mobile billboard advertisements. If you don’t have a business fleet, consider advertising your business on the vehicles of your employees, as well as those of your family (and your own). Car magnets are removable, so you can take them off if any employee leaves or doesn’t want to advertise. You’ll also need store opening signs which display messages like "Now Open," "Coming Soon," "Grand Opening Sale," "Grand Opening Special," etc. Post grand opening signs around the community that point toward your business. You should also have sale signs placed on your promotional items and even signs leading to or hanging over sections in your store to catch the attention of customers and lead them to the products you want them to see.

4. Great marketing coverage makes a big impression.

Using your business grand opening to spotlight a donation to a worthwhile local charity will capture attention within the community and those benefiting from your donation. For maximum visibility, demonstrate this donation with an oversized check that you keep on display until the end of your event. Making the donation near the end of your grand opening event will ensure that everyone that comes to your grand opening will see how generous you have already been in your community.

Once your grand opening event is over, you still have a "honeymoon" period to establish your name and offer grand opening deals and discounts for your customers—make the most of it! If you take advantage of these business grand opening ideas, your grand opening will be the talk of the neighborhood for days, possibly weeks as you establish a business presence in your community.

Now that you know how to do a grand opening, it’s time to get started. Design and order your Coming Soon banners and other grand opening signage today!

Page Authored By Stephen Evans

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