Top 10 Graduation Party Ideas
Every graduate deserves a great party—after all the hard work and late hours writing essays, cramming for tests, and practicing group presentations, they've earned it. Whether you're looking to surprise a special graduate or you're the one actually graduating, think beyond the stereotypical graduation party at the local rib joint reflecting on the childhood years with Aunt Ethel. Adulthood is coming fast, so plan a graduation party that's sure to be a hit with both the graduate and his/her friends. It's time to kick back, relax, and have some fun for one last time before entering the "real world." Here are 10 great ideas for graduation parties that your graduate will never forget:

1. Boat Party

Boat Party
Perfect for: Summer graduates
Who's invited: Family, friends and T-Pain (if he's free)

If your graduation is in May, the weather's just right for a boat party. From a houseboat to a yacht, or even a speedboat and jet skis, a day at the lake is a great way to relax and unwind after receiving your diploma. Make sure to order graduation banners to drape over the side of the boat so that everybody on the water knows why you're celebrating.

2. Limo Party

Limo Party
Perfect for: Big-city graduates
Who's invited: Close friends and family members—just no paparazzi

What better way to celebrate becoming an adult than riding around in style? From Hummer limos to Town Cars, a city-wide limo tour is a memorable way to congratulate the graduate. Plan a route of hot-spots to hit, bring some champagne, and enjoy the high life. Personalized car magnets on the side of the limo show off who's getting the VIP treatment.

3. Theme Park Party

Theme Park Party
Perfect for: Thrill-seeking graduates
Who's invited: Anybody over 48" tall

A theme park party is an exciting idea for a graduation party that offers fun for the whole family. From high-flying roller-coasters to relaxing water rides to exciting carnival games, there's something for everyone at a theme park. It's the graduate’s special day, so let him/her pick the rides and go to the front of the line.

4. Sporting Event Party

Sporting Event Party
Perfect for: The athletic graduate
Who's invited: Sports fans of all ages

If your graduate loves sports, take them to a sporting event on their special day. With baseball in the summer, football in the fall, and basketball in the winter, there's bound to be a game around the time of your graduation, whenever it may be. Make some funny graduation signs to hold up during the game—who knows? Maybe you’ll get on TV!

5. Ropes Course Party

Ropes Course Party
Perfect for: "Active" families looking for adventure
Who's invited: Well, Grandma might have to watch from the ground…

If your graduate loves to be outdoors, consider a ropes course party. Bring his/her closest friends for one last chance to be together. These courses are interactive and build great teamwork and character. Your graduate is going to be experiencing a lot of new things soon, so it's helpful to get them out of their comfort zone ahead-of-time.

6. Destination Party

Destination Party
Perfect for: Unlimited budgets
Who's invited: Whoever you can afford!

For the extra-special graduate, consider a destination party (where any special friends and family join the graduate to party in their favorite location). Cabo? Cairo? Cancun? The possibilities are endless—or at least as far as your wallet can stretch. Create custom graduation banners for your graduate to see when he/she gets off the plane.

7. Paintball Party

Paintball Party
Perfect for: The sharpshooter
Who's invited: Anyone with good aim!

Paintball parties are fun, healthy ways to relieve some tension and foster good-natured competition. The whole family can compete, and teamwork is encouraged to achieve victory. Your graduate will be leaving soon, so spend some quality time on the field before it happens—just make sure to wear plenty of padding so nobody gets hurt!

8. Party Bus Party

Party Bus Party
Perfect for: Big groups
Who's invited: That depends…how big is the bus?

We're not talking about the "yellow dog" here—party buses come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to pick one that's big enough to hold all of your guests. Crank up the music, turn out the lights, and you've got a good time all night long! Order graduation-themed bus magnets to put on the outside of the bus while you're cruising the streets.

9. Backyard BBQ Party

Backyard BBQ Party
Perfect for: No-frills families
Who's invited: The Grill-meister moves to the front of the line.

If your graduation is during the day, your guests are going to be hungry. Throw a Backyard BBQ to celebrate your grad's special day. Fire up the grill, and while things are cooking play some fun lawn games (bocce ball, horseshoes, washers, etc.). You'll need graduation yard signs out front to direct your guests to the party in the back.

10. Pool Party

Pool Party
Perfect for: Summer grads with smaller budgets
Who's invited: Anybody willing to be seen in a bathing suit

Everybody likes to cool off in the pool on hot summer days. If you can't afford something big and extravagant, a pool party is still a great way to show you're proud of your graduate. Invite the friends, spend a little on graduation party banners and other graduation party favors, and you've got a fun party that won't break the bank.

Regardless of what kind of party you choose to have, make sure your graduate knows how proud you are of him/her. Graduation lawn signs, vinyl graduate banners, and other graduation signs make a big visual impact and show how much you care. The clock is ticking, so start planning the perfect graduation party today!
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