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Vertical Slide-In Frames Stand Tall

If you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, Vertical Slide-In Frames are made for the job. Great for real estate listings, event promotion, and business advertising, these tall slide-in frames are ideal for the outdoors. Made from a sturdy, angle iron with a black powder finish, our Vertical Slide-In Frames add a classic look to any yard sign.

Bundle your Vertical Slide-In Frame together with a Corrugated Plastic, Aluminum, or Ultra Metal sign and you’re good to go. Available in two sizes (24"x18" and 36"x24"), our Vertical Slide-In Frames increase the visibility of your sign. Don’t forget a rider: The 24"x18" fits a 7.5" rider, while the 36"x24" fits a 9" rider.

To install your sign, simply slip in your sign right into the frame with a single bolt on top. The bottom rider has 1 bolt in the middle. For best fit, please allow for 1.5" of text-free space (bleed) around your sign’s design. Insert the angled legs of the frame into the ground and stand back to admire your sign.

Please note: Your Vertical Slide-In Frame is shipped separately from your sign to avoid damage during transit.
Vertical Slide-In Frames
Vertical Slide-In Frames
SIZE (H x W):
24 in. x 18 in.
You save
+ 2-Sided Sign
+ 1-Sided Sign
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