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Magic Reusable Decals
Magic Reusable Decals
Easy Suction Light
SIZE (H x W):
12 in. x 18 in.

Magic Decals Offer Unlimited Reusability

Magic decals from are an amazing, all-purpose sign product for business or personal use. Our magic decals are available in two materials, EZ-Stick Fabric and EZ-Stick Vinyl, both of which provide vivid colors and a touch of style for distinctive visual impact. The low-tack adhesive on magic stick vinyl is removable, reusable, and repositionable. You can apply magic decals to any clean, flat surface, though these materials are typically not recommended for outdoor use. Magic decals are great for photo reproductions, custom cut-outs, retail storefront advertising, political campaigns, business identification, company or team logos, P.O.P. displays, custom wallpaper, murals, and more. Magic decals offer the security of adhesive vinyl and the removability of non-adhesive options like static cling. This makes magic decals the perfect product for practically any situation! Whether you’re covering a window, a wall, a door or something completely-different, odds are you can use’s fabric decals.

Fabric Decals Are Great For Walls, Windows and More

Fabric decals stick to any non-porous, flat surface, plus they are easy to remove and residue-free. The EZ-Stick Fabric material from which our fabric decals are made is an elegant choice for indoor advertising. Reusable fabric decals will not rip or wrinkle, and they are easy to store, which makes them one of the most-popular choices for retail storefronts, promotional window displays, and business entrance doors. If you are looking to advertise on or decorate a wall, fabric decals will not remove the paint or wallpaper. Fabric decals are a recommended choice for modern interior design, as well as cute childrens’ rooms and nursery decorations. Even if you remove and reposition your design hundreds of times, you’ll still be impressed by the holding power of our fabric decals. EZ Stick Vinyl is another great option for low tack decals.

Low Tack Decals Are Environmentally-Friendly

Low tack decals made from EZ-Stick Vinyl are easy to remove and reposition as needed. These low tack decals can be taken on and off, much like a magnet on a metal surface, however they will actually adhere while in place. As long as low tack decals are used indoors on a smooth surface, inks can last up to 3 years without direct sunlight, and the adhesive backing will last up to 3-5 years without out curling or losing its tack/hold. Low tack decals are one of our most eco-friendly products, as the material is biodegradable and the adhesive is completely safe for the environment. This makes low tack decals great for "green"-conscious businesses and safe to add to any children’s room or daycare. Both EZ-Stick Fabric and EZ-Stick Vinyl are polyester materials that are non-toxic and free of PVC; their patented adhesive has no Phthalates, which allows low tack decals to be recyclable and break down in landfills. Advertise your business or decorate your home in a way that’s good for the environment by displaying low tack decals.

Magic decals are a unique and highly-useful way to display a message or design.’s fabric decals that can be installed practically anywhere. We ship fast, so order low tack decals today!

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