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Car Window Clings
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Car Window Clings


Car window clings are great for oil change stickers or temporary decor.

  • Vivid, 1440 DPI, full-color printing
  • Adhesive-free; can be removed & reused
  • "Inside Glass" recommended for longer life
Car Window Clings
White Static Cling
Size (H x W)
12 in. x 24 in.
18 in. x 24 in.
36 in. x 24 in.
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1 Type of Custom
White Static Cling
No Adhesive, Just Clings

A white PVC film that clings to gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal.

Features—Thickness: 7.5 mil. Reusable, removable and repositionable. Life expectancy: 3 months.

Best For—Temporary or seasonal advertising in high-visibility store fronts and offices.

Understanding Static Window Cling
Custom Shape

Your sign can be in any shape you can imagine!

Try our New Custom Shape Tool in Design Studio, you can create a unique shape contour with your logo shape within minutes! 

If you prefer to set up the shape line in Adobe Creative Suite, please follow our Design Guidelines, Our Design Studio will be able to display your cut lines instantly:

  • Format should be vector based PDF.
  • All cut lines should be 1pt (.0156”) strokes with the Spot Color named of “SHAPECUT”. 
Inside Glass

Adding the Inside Glass option means that your decal will be produced with front adhesive, so that your sign can be applied inside the window facing out.

This option helps protect decals from harsh weather conditions and vandalism. For highly reflective glass, or store fronts with tint we recommend to place printed materials on the outside of the window to achieve full vibrancy.

Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners is an option available for business cards and aluminum signs. With the Rounded Corners option, each corner is rounded with a smooth finish. For business cards, this provides a unique twist on the traditional business card; for aluminum signs, this option prevents injury from sharp edges.
Shape Die-Cut

Pick from 8 different Standard Shapes, say good bye to the ordinary rectangle signs! 

It will transform the entire shape of your final product to an eye catching shape.



Car Window Clings Have No Adhesive, So Use Carefully!

Car window clings from are perfect for oil change reminders and fun, temporary window displays. Car window clings are produced from a static cling material that holds to glass and other smooth surfaces using static electricity. Since they have no adhesive, car window clings are easy to remove, reposition, and reuse. There are many different ways to use vehicle window clings, from service reminders (oil changes, inspections, etc.) to parking passes and even temporary decorations (for weddings, graduations, and more). The non-adhesive material makes car window clings and truck window clings easy to install and leaves no residue or damage when you’re ready to remove them. However, because car window clings don’t actually "stick" to your window, they should only be used for specific purposes. Proper use and care will prolong the life of your car clings.

Car clings are best-applied to the inside of a vehicle window, so make sure to add the "Inside Glass" option. Car clings are not designed to withstand high-travel winds and the various weather elements and thus cannot be guarantee to stay on a vehicle window while in-motion. However, car clings are not recommended for use inside highly-tinted windows because the tinting can make it very difficult to actually see car static clings. To test this before ordering, print something onto a piece of white paper and place it against the inside of your vehicle window; this will give you an idea of what custom car clings will look like if placed inside your window. Car clings should be kept small for vehicle windows because solid printing and the material itself can block visibility. In addition, larger-sized car cling decals do not tolerate extreme heat and can begin to lose their cling over time. If you are interested in a full-coverage window advertisement that will maintain visibility, consider our perforated Car One-Way Vision material—a great alternative to auto window clings.

Auto window clings feature full-color printing with any custom design. Creating personalized auto window clings is easy when you use our quick file upload system and selection of free, fully-customizable templates. Static car decals can be printed on either our solid white Static Cling material or Clear Static Cling material (which can feature both transparent and solid or opaque design elements). Auto window clings are great for special events like weddings, parades, and car shows. Auto window clings are also recommended for stationary advertising, such as price displays on vehicles at a car dealership. Since the vehicles are not moving, the auto window clings can easily be applied, removed, and reused any number of times. When you need short-term vehicle advertising, consider’s auto window clings.

Car window clings should always be applied wet for maximum "adherence" to the vehicle. Car clings look best when contrasting colors are used, allowing the text to stand out against the background and making the images more-visible. prints and ships fast, so order auto window clings today!

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