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Retractable Bander Stand
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Retractable Banners


Advertise on the go with our custom pop-up banners. Made of 10.4 mil modern polypropylene plastic, this portable solution is perfect for businesses events, trade shows, promotions, and retail displays.

  • Best deal, affordable price.
  • Ideal for static graphics, no graphics replacement.
  • Travel Case Included.
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Pickup Available in Plano, TX
Retractable Banners
Frame + Sign
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78.75 in. x 24 in.
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78.75 in. x 48 in.
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1 Type of Custom
Satin Roll Up Banner
Unique Polypropylene Plastic

Satin Roll-Up Banner Material is made from a modern polypropylene plastic manufactured specifically for retractable banners. It is the most ideal choice compared with the three other common materials: polyester fabric, scrim vinyl, and PVC.

Roll UP Banner is created with a two-layer polypropylene with black block out in the middle, giving it a total thickness of 10.4 mil. These layers give rollup banners full opacity, meaning you never have to worry about seeing through them – a common issue for the thin polyester fabric.

These layers also make it sturdier and provide anti-curl properties to remain flat over a long period of time, something scrim vinyl banners can’t do.

With the scratch-resistant top coating, you can pull it out from the stand many times without creasing or the ink coming off like PVC.

Portable Advertising Made Easy with Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are an affordable and easy way to advertise your business on the go. These portable signs are perfect for all types of businesses to use again and again. Print your pop-up banners with high quality graphics and eye-catching designs from Signazon to help your business get noticed when it matters most.

Millions of businesses use retractable banners for a variety of advertising and display needs. They can be set up indoors and outdoors, offering the flexibility to move and adjust for all different settings. You can also add weights on top of the retractable banner stands to hold up even in breezy conditions.

Our unique polypropylene plastic is the perfect finish to give your pop-up banners the “pop” they need to catch your customers’ eye. We add a blackout layer in between so you never need to worry about transparent banners that people can’t read in certain light (like direct sunlight or backlighting).

Make an Impact at All Your Events

Pull-up banners can be used in so many ways, but are especially popular for events and trade shows because they are:

  • Portable – retractable banners roll up into a small cylinder for storage.
  • Durable – a protective metal stand protects against damage when transporting banners to and from your events and in storage.
  • Scratch and fade resistant – a scratch-resistant coating protects the printed area from damage so you can get it out and put it away over and over without worrying.  
  • Simple to set up – these banners can be set up and taken down in minutes, and only require a single person.
  • Easy to transport – each of our banners comes with a soft case that protects your banner when it’s not in use and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry to any booth or event space.
  • Eye-catching – retractable banners are more than six feet tall when they are fully extended so your logo and marketing messages are visible from a distance.
Retractable Banner Stand File Preparation

Design Guidelines

Have a design file ready for print? We recommend that you review the following guidelines before placing your order.
Total File Size With Bleed (H x W):
Finished Product Size (H x W):
Understanding File Setup
Bleed Area Add 0.125in.
Extend your background to fill the full "bleed area." This will make sure you do not end up with white edges when your product is cut.
Finished Project Size What you selected on this page
This is where we aim to cut your final product size.
Safe Zone Inset 0.125in.
Keep all of the important elements of your design-text, logo, icons-inside this area. It's okay for backgrounds and images to run all the way to the bleed area.
What type of files will you accept?
We recommend vector-based .PDF design files. Most major design applications can generate a print-ready .PDF by using the Save As feature and selecting “Adobe PDF.” If you are unable to obtain a .PDF file for your design, the best are those in .EPS or .AI (CS3 or higher) format with all text converted to outlines.
Recommended file types:
Vector-based .PDF, .PS, .PSD, or .EPS. Vector-based Adobe Illustrator .AI
Other accepted file types:
.PNG, .TIF, . BMP, .GIF, or .JPG
For Retractable Banner Stand

Durable Pop-Up Banner

Retractable banners are a durable solution that you can reuse over and over again for all types of events. You can even display them in your store, office, or retail location when you’re not using them for events. If you need to store them for later use, they roll into a compact and durable cylinder that can be stashed in a small space until your next event. Get started designing your trade show banners today.

Eye-Catching Advertisements You Can Customize

Pop-up banners can be designed in full color with your logo, contact information, graphics and photos. Use one of our templates to get started with your design or upload your own artwork into our design center software for printing.  

We use a thick polypropylene with a black “block” in the middle to make sure your trade show banners are not see-through. Then we add a scratch-resistant coating so your pop-up banners will always look fresh, no matter how many times you use it.

Custom retractable banners come in many different sizes, from small tabletop displays that will fit in your bag to wider and taller displays that sit on the floor.

You can choose the height you need with Signazon’s customizable printing options, but for floor displays we recommend 6 to 8 feet high (72 to 96 inches).

Affordable Branding with Trade Show Banners

Attending industry or local events can be a great way to get your name out and get you in front of potential customers.

There are a lot of options to get a trade show display, but many of the large printed displays are cost-prohibitive for small businesses, independent contractors, and direct sales consultants. Even larger organizations like non-profits can have limited budgets for trade shows.  

Retractable banners are the perfect solution. They offer an affordable option to get beautiful, branded displays that cost only a fraction of many of the larger customized trade show displays. Plus you can display several side by side to create a bigger “wall” of branded pop-up banners, without the cost and the hassle of setup that comes with many large displays.