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Explore the custom photo backdrops made from a vinyl banner—ideal for non-profits on a budget. Shipped as an 8-foot-long roll, tailored for in-house events. While not as travel-friendly as Fabric Backdrop, it's a cost-effective way to showcase your logo and brand on a stand-up banner backdrop for your next event.

  • Storage case for stand included,
  • Vinyl banners require an 8-foot space for storage.
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Fastest Delivery
Free Delivery
Pickup Available in Plano, TX
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Frame Size (H x W)
8 ft. x 8 ft.
8 ft. x 10 ft.
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1 Type of Custom
Matte Vinyl Banner
Excellent Image Quality

Designed for in-store display and indoor events, this matte banner is top coated with a specially formulated matte finishing to reduces glare caused by camera flashes and fluorescent bulbs. For safety, it is fire-retardant and meets NFPA701 code.

Matte vinyl banner produces consistent image quality and optimal color reproduction to bring out the most vibrant color. You can count on it to present dazzling printed designs under the spotlight. 

Understanding Backdrop Stand
Pole Pocket: Top & Bottom

The Pole pockets Top and bottom are produced with 3-inch extra banner material added to the top and bottom edges of your banner, looped over and stitched with original layer.

It includes a 1.9-inch space to insert a pole and attached to pole banner hardware. 

Do not add any crop marks or resize your design, we have built in feature to handle it. 

Step and Repeat
The Step and Repeat option adds a pattern across your backdrop. Simply upload any logos or files you would like repeated across the backdrop and use our design tool to position them in your desired pattern. Most customers use 2-3 different logo files at a 35 degree angle. We will repeat the pattern across your backdrop and send you a proof for review prior to production.

Custom Backdrops to Help Promote Your Business

Custom photo backdrops are one of the easiest and best ways to get your logo and your brand in front of your customers. These backdrops are perfect for:

  • Trade shows
  • Indoor and outdoor events
  • Rallies
  • Speeches
  • Photo ops
  • Presentations
  • Press conferences

They create a uniform and elegant backdrop for all kinds of uses, and are something you have probably seen a lot without even realizing it. They are popular on the red carpet for Hollywood awards shows, press briefings, post-game interviews, and much more. But you don’t have to be putting on the next Academy Awards to use a backdrop stand.

Photo Backdrops Create a Portable Branding Opportunity

Custom photo backdrops are portable and can go anywhere you want to promote your brand. They are designed with durable matte vinyl so you can easily fold them and take them along to your next community event, trade show, or evening gala. The matte finish ensures that you won’t have a glare from camera flashes when someone wants to take a picture.  The most common design for a photo backdrop is a logo repeated at regular intervals across the entire banner. This is commonly known as a “step and repeat.” You can include other logos as well, such as a sponsor for an event, a partner logo, or an event-specific logo (like a tradeshow or awards show).  


Backdrop Stand File Preparation

Design Guidelines

Have a design file ready for print? We recommend that you review the following guidelines before placing your order.
Total File Size With Bleed (H x W):
Finished Product Size (H x W):
Understanding File Setup
Bleed Area Add 0.125in.
Extend your background to fill the full "bleed area." This will make sure you do not end up with white edges when your product is cut.
Finished Project Size What you selected on this page
This is where we aim to cut your final product size.
Safe Zone Inset 0.125in.
Keep all of the important elements of your design-text, logo, icons-inside this area. It's okay for backgrounds and images to run all the way to the bleed area.
What type of files will you accept?
We recommend vector-based .PDF design files. Most major design applications can generate a print-ready .PDF by using the Save As feature and selecting “Adobe PDF.” If you are unable to obtain a .PDF file for your design, the best are those in .EPS or .AI (CS3 or higher) format with all text converted to outlines.
Recommended file types:
Vector-based .PDF, .PS, .PSD, or .EPS. Vector-based Adobe Illustrator .AI
Other accepted file types:
.PNG, .TIF, . BMP, .GIF, or .JPG
For Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Designs

While the “step-and-repeat” logo design is the most common for backdrops, Signazon’s custom design tool allows you to create whatever you need. You could also create a large backdrop with a single logo, tagline, photo, or other distinctive design for any type of event.

Backdrop for Business Events

  • Tradeshow booth back or side walls to create a unique and branded custom space where you can welcome clients
  • Theater set designs for professional quality at your next production
  • Video backdrops to film commercials, interviews, webinars, and more
  • Home office backdrops to keep your clients or coworkers from seeing that mess in your kitchen or the kids in the background of your Zoom calls
  • Social media content creator backdrops to create a studio feel in any room of your house and post content to your dedicated social media channels
  • Wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party backdrops for guests to take a picture with to share with you to as a lasting memory
  • Product photos backdrop to create a professional-looking mini studio where you can capture great pictures of items you are selling online

Encourage Guests to Share Their Photos from an Event

Step-and-repeat banners have gained popularity through the years because they create the perfect place to take a memorable photo or video. These backdrops automatically generate interest and give people a place to pose for pictures with guests, celebrities, or speakers, or just to take a selfie or a group photo when they attend a special event.

You get an added branding boost with your logo featured in the background when people share them on their website or social media.

Stand up banners are generally printed large enough to allow several people to stand in front without seeing the edges of the backdrop. We recommend banners that are at least 8 feet high and at least 10 feet wide, but with our custom design tool you can get one as large as you need for any event. If you’re planning an event where you will have very large groups, consider printing a wider banner to accommodate better photos with everyone in front of the photo backdrop.