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Big Check
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Big Checks

Big checks create impactful moments! Whether it's a business milestone or a charitable initiative, our artistic design templates, inspired by your logo's color palette, maximize visibility.
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Pickup Available in Plano, TX
Big Checks
Size (H x W)
18 in. x 36 in.
24 in. x 48 in.
24 in. x 60 in.
30 in. x 60 in.
Eco Board
3mm PVC
Styrene .060
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3 Types of Custom
Eco Board
Economical Choice

A white corrugated plastic with a smooth surface used for oversized checks. The most affordable large check material.

Features—Thickness: 2.45 oz. (0.16”). Affordably priced and lightweight. Not recommended with Dry Erase option as markers can leave indentations in the material.

Best For—One-time check presentations, checks for small amounts, organizations with limited budgets.

3mm PVC
Sturdy & Affordable

The most-popular material for oversized checks. Bright white Sintra is a lightweight, yet rigid PVC extruded in a homogenous sheet. Similar to 6mm PVC, but thinner and more affordable.

Features—Thickness: 3mm (0.125”). Great with Dry Erase option.

Best For—Professional check presentations, multi-use presentation checks.

Styrene .060
Flexible for Transport

A rigid white polystyrene that can be rolled or bent and will spring back to a flat position without breaking. Looks professional, but lightweight for easy portability.

Features—Thickness: 1/16”. Can be used with Dry Erase option. Saves money on shipping cost. Store flat to ensure no permanent curling or creasing.

Best For—Extra large oversized checks (i.e. 30” x 72”), business presentations that require travel.

Understanding Big Check
Dry Erase
With the Dry Erase option, your oversized check or yard sign is laminated with a 2.0 mil, clear polypropylene film. This laminate allows you to write on your sign with a standard dry erase marker just like a dry erase board. Leave blank spaces in your design (i.e. for checks, Date, Payable To, Dollar Amount, etc.), so you can reuse it over and over again.
Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners is an option available for business cards and aluminum signs. With the Rounded Corners option, each corner is rounded with a smooth finish. For business cards, this provides a unique twist on the traditional business card; for aluminum signs, this option prevents injury from sharp edges.

Create Buzzworthy Events and Recognition with Big Checks

We’ve all seen events where someone hands over a giant check to a happy recipient with a huge dollar amount written on the larger-than-life PVC board. The check is very large—certainly much bigger than one you would take to the bank—but it has the intended effect of showcasing a significant financial transaction or reward.     While few people actually write checks in real life anymore, the visual of giving away or accepting a large check is one that’s embedded in our collective culture. These oversized checks are perfect for several different types of events and promotions, including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Non-profit and charity events
  • Donations
  • Prize winners
  • Employee recognition
Take Advantage of PR and Photo Ops with Oversized Checks

The symbolism of a big check is a transaction that goes beyond just being your average financial deal. Instead, it signifies an event that is worth celebrating. For many businesses and organizations, having a big check is the perfect way to generate publicity and create a perfect photo op to commemorate the event.   Big checks can be designed any way you want them, with your logo and other information right on the check. Every photo you take showcases your brand and your message of rewarding employees and partners, and doing good in your community.

Durable and High Quality Big Check Printing with Signazon

Signazon makes it easy to get giant checks printed for your business. We offer several templates to help you get started with the design, or you can create your own custom designs and upload them to our easy-to-use online ordering system. Our checks can be printed in whatever size you need, including standard sizes or custom sizes.

With every big check you print, you can choose:

Single-use or multi-use

Signazon offers different materials that you can choose depending on whether you plan to use the check once or you want to reuse it over and over. Single-use checks are affordable, but still look very professional. You can print the name and the amount directly on the check instead of writing it by hand to enhance the professionalism. 

Multi-use checks are made of more durable materials so you can transport them to and from events. Adding a dry erase option allows you to write a new name and amount each time. It costs more than a single-use check, but over time you can save a lot by reusing the same dry erase checks. Our multi-use checks are also made of materials that hide fingerprints so your check looks clean and is always ready for the next photo op. 

Flexible materials

One of the biggest challenges with big checks is how to get them to and from your events without damage. Traditional rigid checks can be hard to transport, especially if they are oversized (longer than 60”) or you need to take them with you while traveling. The material we use can be rolled up. 

Delivery on short notice

We also have fast shipping options to help you get your giant checks in the mail as quickly as possible so you can be ready for anything, even events and ideas that come up at the last minute.


More Oversized Checks

For Big Check

Care & Cleaning

For one time use large checks:

  • Store it flat to avoid damage.
  •  When you are finished with your event, recycle it at any local facility where you normally recycle plastic materials.

For multi-use dry erase large checks:

  • Store flat to prevent bending or damage.
  •  Wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth or duster.
  • Do not use cleaning products, as these may damage the PVC material.
  • For checks with the dry erase option, use ammonia-free window cleaner or other dry-erase board cleaners.
  • Allow your giant check to dry completely before putting it in storage. 
  • Avoid storing PVC checks in your car or direct sunlight, as this may cause the sign to warp.
  • While PVC is weather-resistant, avoid storing it long-term in outdoor areas that are exposed to extreme weather, rain, humidity, or heat.
  • Cover with a sheet of plastic, tarp, or light blanket when not in use to avoid scratching the surface.

Big Check FAQs

How do I know what size check to order?

The size you need depends on how and where you plan to use it. If you’re planning to hand the check to one or two people at a small company event an 18x36” check is a good size. If you are going to hand it to multiple people, a larger check (22x48”) will allow everyone to hold it. If you’re presenting in a large stadium or a big convention center consider going up to a 30x60” check or bigger. We can do custom sizes to fit whatever you need, so give us a call if you’re not sure what size to order.

Is a dry erase big check better than a printed check?

It depends on what you are using it for; a single-use check with a printed name and amount looks very professional and clean. However, if you’re planning to use the check multiple times a dry erase is ideal so you don’t have to order a brand new one each time.

What type of markers can I use for writing on dry erase checks?

Use a dry erase marker to write on your big check, and do not use a permanent marker (unless you only plan to use it once. Dry erase markers are available in a wide range of colors and sizes so you can get one that is easy to write with and use it multiple times. 

To clean the check after you write on it, wipe it with a dry cloth. You can also use a slightly damp cloth, ammonia-free window cleaner, or dry erase marker cleaner if the marker is hard to get off. Make sure to let it dry completely before you store it or write on it again.

Can I upload my own big check design or do I have to use a template?

You can use your own design if you already have something created. If you don’t have a design ready, check out our templates to help you get started. Most big checks are pretty simple with:

  • Your company logo
  • Tagline (if applicable)
  • Date
  • “Pay to the order of” line
  • Amount (in numbers and written out below)
  • Memo line
  • Signature/from line
You may want to add a nice graphic or other artwork (like a watermark or an outline) to the back of the check for visual appeal.  
Big Check File Preparation

Design Guidelines

Have a design file ready for print? We recommend that you review the following guidelines before placing your order.
Total File Size With Bleed (H x W):
Finished Product Size (H x W):
Understanding File Setup
Bleed Area Add 0.125in.
Extend your background to fill the full "bleed area." This will make sure you do not end up with white edges when your product is cut.
Finished Project Size What you selected on this page
This is where we aim to cut your final product size.
Safe Zone Inset 0.125in.
Keep all of the important elements of your design-text, logo, icons-inside this area. It's okay for backgrounds and images to run all the way to the bleed area.
What type of files will you accept?
We recommend vector-based .PDF design files. Most major design applications can generate a print-ready .PDF by using the Save As feature and selecting “Adobe PDF.” If you are unable to obtain a .PDF file for your design, the best are those in .EPS or .AI (CS3 or higher) format with all text converted to outlines.
Recommended file types:
Vector-based .PDF, .PS, .PSD, or .EPS. Vector-based Adobe Illustrator .AI
Other accepted file types:
.PNG, .TIF, . BMP, .GIF, or .JPG
697 Customer Reviews for Big Checks
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2 years ago
Overall, making changes to templates was a little difficult and choppy. When selecting what option for a large check it was a matter of guessing what area it was under because it doesn't state it in the first menus available. Just very user unfriendly. I think the system could be defined a little better to make it easier to navigate.
Marlaina Y, Weiser, ID
Reviews: 2
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
2 years ago
It was so easy to make my sign
Nancy E, Camden, ME
Reviews: 1
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
2 years ago
Loved the options and convenience of ordering this online. Easy to customize and much better than local printing companies!
Celest B, Brandywine, MD
Reviews: 1
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
3 years ago
hard to figure out how to add images and then adjust color. Need to add a feature to edit and color the outside edge. I look forward to seeing the finished product.
Rick M, Sarasota, FL
Reviews: 1
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
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