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Static Window Clings

Window clings are the perfect short-term advertising for promotions, sales, and events on your storefront. Installation is quick and easy, and they peel right off so you can replace them regularly with new messaging.
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Pickup Available in Plano, TX
Static Window Clings
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12 in. x 24 in.
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White Static Cling
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1 Type of Custom
White Static Cling
No Adhesive, Just Clings

A white PVC film that clings to gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal.

Features—Thickness: 7.5 mil. Reusable, removable and repositionable. Life expectancy: 3 months.

Best For—Temporary or seasonal advertising in high-visibility store fronts and offices.

Understanding Static Window Cling
Custom Shape

Your sign can be in any shape you can imagine!

Try our New Custom Shape Tool in Design Studio, you can create a unique shape contour with your logo shape within minutes! 

If you prefer to set up the shape line in Adobe Creative Suite, please follow our Design Guidelines, Our Design Studio will be able to display your cut lines instantly:

  • Format should be vector based PDF.
  • All cut lines should be 1pt (.0156”) strokes with the Spot Color named of “SHAPECUT”. 
Inside Glass

Adding the Inside Glass option means that your decal will be produced with front adhesive, so that your sign can be applied inside the window facing out.

This option helps protect decals from harsh weather conditions and vandalism. For highly reflective glass, or store fronts with tint we recommend to place printed materials on the outside of the window to achieve full vibrancy.

Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners is an option available for business cards and aluminum signs. With the Rounded Corners option, each corner is rounded with a smooth finish. For business cards, this provides a unique twist on the traditional business card; for aluminum signs, this option prevents injury from sharp edges.
Shape Die-Cut

Pick from 8 different Standard Shapes, say good bye to the ordinary rectangle signs! 

It will transform the entire shape of your final product to an eye catching shape.



Window Clings are the Perfect Temporary Signage

The windows in the front of your retail store are one of your most valuable opportunities to showcase your brand. They are also a perfect place for temporary signage that will bring in new customers.

Unlike your permanent signage on the building, static window clings can be switched out regularly so your windows always have new messaging to catch your customers’ eye. They are ideal for:

  • Holiday sales
  • Seasonal specials
  • Monthly promotions
  • Short-term events
  • Grand openings

Designing the Perfect Window Clings

Signazon offers a simple and intuitive online design tool to get the designs you need for your custom window decals. We have pre-designed templates to help you get started or you can upload your own artwork into our system.  

Once the design is complete, choose from options like “inside glass” to display it on the interior side of a window, which can prevent damage or deterioration from outdoor exposure. We also have two-sided printing for different messages on the interior and exterior.  

With all static clings, be sure to use bright, bold colors that will catch customers’ attention and keep the message simple so they can see it from a distance.

More Static Window Clings

For Static Window Cling

Choose the Right Window Stickers

There are several choices for different types of window clings and window stickers, so before you choose it’s important to understand the differences and the best situations for each type.

Your Top 5 Choices

  • Window clings are printed on a white vinyl PVC. They do not have adhesive, so they are designed only for temporary usage (about 3 to 6 months). We print them in full color with vibrant graphics, images, and designs. The white backing means that you will not be able to see through the window clings (they are not designed to be blackout, but they are not transparent).  
  • Clear window clings are printed on a clear PVC. You can print in full color, but anywhere that does not have printed graphics or text will be completely transparent. These are best for short-term use.
  • Vinyl window decals are printed on a heavy-duty vinyl that adheres to your windows and is designed to last several years. These are better for long-term advertising with things you want displayed all the time—such as a logo or store hours.
  • Clear window decals are adhesive and designed to last for several years. Like clear window clings, they are printed on a transparent vinyl to let in more light.
  • Car window decals are designed specifically to adhere to vehicle windows and can withstand extreme temperatures and other wear and tear that is unique to cars and trucks. Static window clings are not recommended for vehicle advertising.

If you still have questions about whether custom window clings are the best choice, call us today and we can help you decide.

Hassle-Free Temporary (and Reusable) Signage in Your Windows

Window clings from Signazon are printed on a white PVC film that will instantly cling to most flat, clean surfaces. Windows are the most popular place to hang them, but they can also adhere to metal, mirrors, and plastic.

The PVC film does not have any adhesive, so your clings will go on and stick for a short period of time, then you can peel them off as soon as you’re finished, and even reuse them over and over again.

Static Window Cling File Preparation

Design Guidelines

Have a design file ready for print? We recommend that you review the following guidelines before placing your order.
Total File Size With Bleed (H x W):
Finished Product Size (H x W):
Understanding File Setup
Bleed Area Add 0.125in.
Extend your background to fill the full "bleed area." This will make sure you do not end up with white edges when your product is cut.
Finished Project Size What you selected on this page
This is where we aim to cut your final product size.
Safe Zone Inset 0.125in.
Keep all of the important elements of your design-text, logo, icons-inside this area. It's okay for backgrounds and images to run all the way to the bleed area.
What type of files will you accept?
We recommend vector-based .PDF design files. Most major design applications can generate a print-ready .PDF by using the Save As feature and selecting “Adobe PDF.” If you are unable to obtain a .PDF file for your design, the best are those in .EPS or .AI (CS3 or higher) format with all text converted to outlines.
Recommended file types:
Vector-based .PDF, .PS, .PSD, or .EPS. Vector-based Adobe Illustrator .AI
Other accepted file types:
.PNG, .TIF, . BMP, .GIF, or .JPG
207 Customer Reviews for Static Window Clings
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3 years ago
Very easy and quick process!
Julius T, Columbia, SC
Reviews: 1
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
3 years ago
I've just purchased my 14th static cling window covering from you. I use them in my house on several windows in place of coverings. Love them.
Rick O, Litchfield Park, AZ
Reviews: 2
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
3 years ago
This is my third order from you and all has gone well.
Richard O, Litchfield Park, AZ
Reviews: 2
Shopper Approved Shopper Approved
3 years ago
Process was very easy. Thank You!
Andy W, Ogden, UT
Reviews: 1
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