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Wind Signs
Wind Signs
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36 in. x 24 in.
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Wind Signs Withstand the Elements

Wind signs from are a great way to get attention for your business or help with event logistics. You never know what the weather is going to do, which is why wind signs are the perfect solution for your advertising needs. These lightweight, easily-portable wind signs resist heavy winds and will not blow away, fall over, etc. The wheeled base makes wind signs a cinch to transport, relocate, or store for later use. If you need to make an impact quickly, use wind signs, as they stand out wherever they are placed. Wind signs often fall right into the line of vision of potential customers, event guests, etc., which makes them so effective. Your event or business is sure to succeed with’s wind frames.

Wind Frames Accommodate Many Different Sign Materials

Wind frames are sold as-is, or you can choose a Bundle Deal, which includes signage at a discounted price. We recommend using Corrugated Plastic or 3mm PVC with wind frames. Make sure to order at least 1 36" tall x 24" wide sign with your wind frames—2 if you want it to be double-sided. Installing signs into your wind frames is easy. Simply insert your signage into the top channel of your wind frames, and then into the bottom channel (right above the base). The base of wind frames has a hole which you can fill with sand or water to act as ballast. This increases the sturdiness and stability of your WindMaster signs.

WindMaster Signs Have Wheels For Easy Transport

WindMaster signs are made from heavy-duty gray and black plastic. The overall dimensions of WindMaster signs are 48" x 26", with a weight of 17 pounds. WindMaster signs can accommodate 36x24" messages, but .5" at the top and bottom will not be visible because of the channels that hold your sign in place. Coil springs connect the sign portion to the base of your WindMaster signs, which allows the sign to gently sway in the wind without falling over. Two wheels on one side of the base make WindMaster signs easy to roll and relocate if and when needed.’s WindMaster signs are a professional, high-quality way to advertise. Get attention and stand out with WindMaster signs.

Wind signs ensure that your message will not blow away. Our high-quality wind frames hold up to heavy winds, rain, etc. We ship fast, so order WindMaster signs today!

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