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Car Magnet On A Ford F-150
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Car Magnets

Signazon custom car magnets are the perfect way to advertise your business. Made with the highest quality materials and professionally printed to display your message on any vehicle.
Car Magnets
Easy Suction Light
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Get it 4/16/2021
Order Within
17 hrs, 52 mins
2 Types of Custom
For Metal Vehicle Doors

Our car magnets are made in the USA from the highest-quality thermoplastic magnets available. Free of dead spots, they are magnetized to withstand rain, sleet, snow and heat.

Strong yet flexible, they mount easily on any flat metallic surface, including cars, filling cabinets, and other machinery. Thickness: 30 mil (.036”). Rounded corners to prevent fly-aways. All magnets are finished with latex ink and overcoat to ensure scratch resistance and better UV protection than traditional UV inks. 

Easy Suction Light
For Fiberglass & Aluminum

While our magnets are great, if your vehicle is made of fiberglass, Aluminum, or you want oversize graphics, Easy Suction Light is the way to go. Powered by new micro-suction technology, It is thin, light weight, removable, reusable, and leaves no residue.  

When ready to install, remove the clear back protective liner, and apply with firm pressure to a clean, smooth, flat surface on the vehicle. For storing, put it back on to the protective liner. 

Understanding Car Magnet

Reflective option is produced an engineer-grade 3M vinyl film with 7 mil thickness. When light hits the material, it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. Great for advertising at night. The most important thing to know is that the entire white film we print on is coated with reflective elements. That means that as more ink is printed on your piece, it becomes less reflective. 

Tip: Light colors typically work best. You’ll want to stay away from full-image backgrounds and lots of dark tones. White space is your friend and will ensure your final piece is as reflective as possible.

Shape Die-Cut

Feeling more creative? Try our Oval or Circle Shape Die-Cuts! 

It will transform the entire shape of your final product from a standard rectangle into an eye catching oval or circle. Just peel and stick, Installation is so easy!

Custom Shape is available for limited decal products. It creates a ¼” to a ½” white border around the outer edge of your design connecting all design elements. It does require extra attention when install. 


Why Car Magnets?

Car magnets are one of the best ways to advertise your business. Whether you are a small startup or a large company, advertising on your car is like having a fleet of mobile billboards that showcase your brand. Car decals can be attached to any vehicle at any time. Use it on your personal car, a fleet of work vehicles, and even on vehicles you don’t own. If you buy a new car or need to move the sign to a different vehicle, simply peel it off.  Magnetic signs on your car are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business because they travel with you. Rather than reaching the same group of people who drive by a billboard or yard sign, car magnets attract the eyes of people everywhere your vehicle goes. They are ideal for: 

  • General contractors
  • Businesses with a large fleet of vehicles
  • Home inspectors
  • Construction subcontractors
  • Real estate agents
  • Direct sales representatives
  • Landscaping companies
  • Political campaigns
  • Moving & storage companies
  • Home service companies
  • Small business owners
  • Businesses that deliver (pizza, flowers, catering, etc.)
  • Rental equipment companies
  • Independent contractors
  • Freelance and “gig” workers

Signazon is the expert in durable, long-lasting, professionally printed car magnets. For more than 12 years we have been providing businesses and individuals with beautiful magnetic car signs that are built to stand the test of time.  Business Car Magnets Attract New Customers. No matter what kind of business you run, one of the most important things to do is bring in new customers. Magnetic car decals are a cost-effective and long-lasting way to draw attention to the products and services you sell, and build your brand locally, regionally, or nationally.  Signazon uses only the highest quality ink and materials to print each car magnet. You won’t get a flimsy, paper-thin magnet or one printed with cheap ink. We print every sign with a high-quality and durable latex ink, then instantly apply a scratch-resistant and weather-resistant coating to protect your signs for months to come. We also offer easy suction light for any vehicles that are fiberglass or aluminum (since magnets won’t stick to these surfaces).  



For Car Magnet

Installation & Care

Ordering and installing your custom car magnets from Signazon is simple, just follow these three steps.

Step 1: Measuring for your car magnets

Carefully measure the flat surface of the vehicle where you plan to put the magnetic car sign. It’s important to measure correctly so you can order a custom car magnet in the right size. To get a perfect measurement:

  • Only measure flat surfaces.
  • Measure around things like door jams, handles, and vehicle emblems; putting a car magnet over these things will not work.
  • Write down the exact measurements. Do not estimate. Even a small miscalculation can result in a magnet that doesn’t fit.

Step 2: Creating your custom car magnet design

Once you have all the measurements, log on to Signazon and start your custom car magnet order. You can choose from a wide variety of standard sizes or create a size that is exactly what you need. Remember that you only have a limited amount of space. Create an eye-catching design that people can easily read while they are driving. Use these tips and best practices for car advertising magnet design:

  • Choose a simple version of your logo that people can easily read from a distance.
  • Select contrasting colors, such as a white background with dark blue, black, or gray text.
  • Choose a font size that is easy to read from several feet away; generally people can read 1 inch of text from 10 feet away, so if you want someone to see it 30 feet away your text should be at least 3 inches tall, 40 feet should be 4 inches, and so on.
  • Don’t include too much text. Keep it simple and focus on just your key service(s), your brand, and a website or phone number.

Step 3: Install your car magnets

Your custom car magnets from Signazon will be professionally printed and shipped quickly so you can get them on your vehicle as soon as possible. When they arrive, clean the area on your vehicle where you want to install the sign with soap and water, then dry it completely. Carefully attach the magnet and remove any air bubbles underneath by pressing on it gently. Air bubbles allow airflow underneath, which leads to damage or could cause it to peel off. Now drive around and advertise your business!
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it was fast and easy
Marcelina F, Aurora, IL
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2 days ago
Fairly easy to create my own sign, and super easy to edit. This is my 4th order. Very pleased
Patrick O C, Scottsdale, AZ
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3 days ago
Everything is satisfactory with the exception that when showing the proof images, a border should be depicted so the spacing to the edge of the product can be verified.
Anonymous Customer, Spring Valley, NY
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it was very easy to place my order.
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Car Magnet FAQs

What are your car magnets made of?

We use US made high-quality material that is flexible, scratch resistant, and can adhere to all types of metal vehicles. It is designed for adverse weather conditions, and can withstand rain, sleet, snow, UV rays, and extreme temperatures from -15 to 160.

What types of vehicles can I put a custom car magnet on?

You can attach magnetic signs to all types of metal vehicles. If you are not sure whether your vehicle is made of metal, check before you buy business car magnets. Some vehicles today are made of fiberglass or aluminum, and magnets will not stick to these materials. We offer light suction adhesives for non-metal surfaces.

Where can you put a car magnet?

Magnetic car signs can be placed on any flat surface of the vehicle. Avoid areas that have raised or indented spots on the car, door handles, or other obstructions. The best places are on the doors, tailgate, or the side panels of a van.

Will a car door magnet ruin my paint?

No, a car magnet will not damage the paint. In fact, car magnets provide a layer of protection for the paint underneath and prevent scratches, fading, or damage from UV rays. When you want to take it off simply peel it away.

How do I know the magnet won’t fall off while I’m driving?

We use a durable and high-quality material to make our magnetic signs. When installed correctly, these strong magnets can withstand all types of weather, wind, and other common wear and tear from driving. We also print it with rounded corners to avoid peeling corners, which is the most common reason magnets come off. 


Always measure your vehicle's flat surface and customize the size to fit. Avoid placing over curved surfaces, lips, trims or rivets to stop air pockets getting between the steel vehicle surface and the magnetic car signs. Eliminate the risk of the magnet flying away.  Do not place over car wraps or existing car decals.

Can I wash my car with a car magnet on?

It’s best to remove your car magnets before washing the car, especially in an automatic car wash. Dry the area before reapplying the magnet.

Where should the Magnet be stored?

Storing your magnets is easy, simply place back on a refrigerator or large flat steel surface. Storing in a clean, dry environment, ideally on a leveled smooth steel surface. Not on the seats of a car or in a trunk, since it is not flat and can easily exceed 150 Degrees F. Make sure to not place objects on top of the magnet to try and flatten or stack two magnets with the magnetic material facing each other, this will cause it to demagnetize.

Can Signazon help me design a custom car magnet?

Definitely! Our friendly and helpful customer service team is here to help with whatever you need to make your custom car advertising magnets. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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